Sunday, July 01, 2007

Someday Tour: "Happy, happy birthday, bloggy" edition!

Come one, come all, come new and come old... to the Someday Eegeehood Happy Birthday Bloggy tour! I bet you did not know that time could go by so fast! I certainly didn't. I remember when our Manny first set up shop here, 'lo those 2 years ago - it's been wonderful watching both the blog and Manny grow and find their place in things, becoming known among those who know these things as a place that never loses its focus on inner integrity, compassion, righteous indignation and being a voice for the (sometimes literally) voiceless.

Well done, Manny!

To begin our tour, the first place you should be heading is to this post, right here, to read, comment and add your own memories. And don't forget to give Bud a virtual pat! I'll wait.

Then come back, and we'll go peek at everyone else!

[ UPDATE!] boran2 (you ever wonder who boran1 is?) is not painting a cake for Manny's blog birthday, but all our fun building - that he is painting - needs is a couple of candles! Okay, so maybe they don't have candles on buildings in your neighborhood, but is that so wrong? Also, don't forget... next week is the painting palooza's 100th anniversary edition! Yay boran! Also, snowmen are so passe (not to mention melted)... the new in thing is snow doggies! And it seems that the US govt is confirming that, when it comes to food or product safety (or natural disasters) you're on your own.

Original James has a moving tribute to, and remembrance of, our Ductape Fatwa. It's to be hoped he'll come strolling in someday soon, bearing wisdom, barbs and rhetorical gifts, but... well, we can hope. Also, a blast from the past, some words from Chomsky - setting the record straight. And don't be fooled... just because we don't always hear about them, be aware that the ICE raids and other actions still continue. Also, it's always been so weird to me that so many present and former CIA operatives (such as Plame), agents, whatever are considered liberal heroes by some. What's up with that?

Time for a petition! So sorry to have to be so pushy and mean, but... a tour guide's gotta do what a tour guide has gotta do. So....

Dear Arcturus and dove,

Please write. Or just drop in to say "hi".

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Nezua has not been writing this week (but just you wait) , as he was moving (yay!) but now he is in his new place and, Nezua like, has expressed his feelings in wonderful art and words. And one good thing about his not writing much this past week is that this "awww" moment is still on the page, and you are still able to see the cutest little budding musician ever! And he tells of David Mas Masumot, a farmer and a great writer and speaker, who brings us the perspective of the ghost at our tables.

Olivia is having Happy Canada Day! Also cloud blogging with nary a cow or a frog in sight. I miss them already! And trust Olivia to figure out (and show us!) that delphiniums have whiskers. I did not know this before...then again, I also couldn't have identified a delphinium before I saw this picture. But wait... while there were no frogs or cows in Olivia's clouds this week, last week she had a bug in them! Whew. There is more there besides, go bask in birthday/Canada Day flowers and bugs!

ILJ wonders if there is light at the end of the tunnel, in a fine and heartfelt rant at his site. I so know the feeling! Also, an interview with Bruce Barry of the ACLU, an organization needed now more than ever, I'm thinking. Go listen and read! There is more there too, read on!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] Over at Family Man's, you've not met a snob until you've met a sheet snob! And just look who was assimilated into the sheet snob borg! Also, I think maybe he needs a yogurt maker... maybe one that doubles as a fudgesicle maker! And has he met his slackerly match? But all is well now!

I cannot load katie's site, but will check back on it later... up above I forgot about Jazzy James, though! He has what looks like wonderful music from idris ackamoor, in three parts! Go download some soon.

Added fun... What kind of liberal are you? I'm a sucker for silly quizzes. Here are my test results... what are yours?

How to Win a Fight With a Conservative is the ultimate survival guide for political arguments

My Liberal Identity:

You are a Social Justice Crusader, also known as a rights activist. You believe in equality, fairness, and preventing neo-Confederate conservative troglodytes from rolling back fifty years of civil rights gains.

Mostly all done!

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