Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Bud Blogging

I told him not to watch that videotape...

This has been a rough week, to say the least. The news is horrifying to me on many levels. Macro-wise, the Iraq All-Nighter was a (expected) disappointment. It seems like there's a lot of talk and no action when it comes to stopping the warmongering in the Middle East. What's it going to take to see meaningful change? I wish I knew.

On the micro-level, the daily drumbeat of announcements regarding border deaths has sent my nerves into a horrified state of shock. It's easy to dismiss the loss by blaming the victim, "no one forced them to come here", but takes a true act of humanity to mourn and take action that will hopefully stop future fatalities in the desert. Acts that are done in a humane way* Unfortunately, these types of musings do not bode well for my sleep reservoirs.

So how have I been avoiding dealing? Well, one evening I spent making tortilla-flavored snacks. The intention was to make proper tortillas, but they did not even begin to resemble them so I stole a term from an old friend and declared them "tortilla-flavored snacks" (at least they taste good!).

Another tactic was to totally disrupt my status quo of information input and trot off to the local theatre that features indy films. Caught a showing last night of La Vie en Rose. Believe it or not, it was my first proper French film and, although a depressing storyline, was a welcomed addition to my routine. Even more welcomed, was the realization that the monsoon was dumping buckets of rain while the story of Edith Piaf played out before me on the big screen. The scent of a desert deluge is something that never gets old.

I've been enjoying the conversation that has played out amongst blog friends at a myriad of sites. The neighborhood is growing (check the blogroll to the right for additions) and each place has its own character that is borne out of its host's or hostess' personality. I love it and appreciate the ability to stay connected to friends.

Speaking of friends, this weekend I'm planning to head to Cochise County for some quality time with kindred spirits. I think the pensive, introverted persona within me has gotten quite enough attention to last a long while, so it will be good to shift gears and just be - only the be will include the me that is drawn out in the company of others who 'get' me. Needless to say, I can't wait.

Have a great weekend, everyone. paz

*acts that don't include guns, handcuffs or fortifications

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