Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Love My Blog, but...

Hay Sue Crease Toe!
A 15-year-old boy told Mesa police he shot his father in the back of the head last month because he wouldn't let the teenager use the Internet, saying My Space was his outlet.

When Hughstan Schlicker heard officers talking about the investigation, he responded, "Dad came home, I shot him in the head, what investigation?" according to a Mesa police report released Wednesday.

Almost laughing, the teen told police, "along with murder, can you put me down for truancy, I ditched today," the report said. "Can we clean up this before my mom gets home, I don't want her to come home and see my dad dead."

Later, he told detectives he was angry with his father but couldn't remember the reason. "But I was mad at him very much and I wish I could take everything back; I wish this was a bad dream but it's not."

This is yet another example of why we need more guns.


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