Thursday, March 20, 2008

Legislative Alert from Border Action Network

Arizona residents, please call your state reps and urge NO votes on these measures.

March 19, 2008
URGENT Legislative Action Alert!

On March 20, the Committee of the Whole, which is the Arizona House of Representatives, will likely be voting on three bills that have dire consequences for border and immigrant families. Please take a moment to TAKE ACTION and tell your representatives to VOTE NO on these bills and support Human Rights in Arizona!

HCR2041 Discrimination; Preferential Treatment; Prohibition
Sponsor: Representative Pearce

Hearing: House of Representatives - March 20, 2008

HCR2041 would put on the ballot a measure to eliminate affirmative action in Arizona. The bill sounds admirable, but if read carefully it eliminates affirmative action in employment, education and public contracting. Arizona, more than many other states, needs programs that attempt to create a level playing field for people of color, women, refugees, immigrants, and others who are at a marked competitive disadvantage.

Take Immediate Action on HCR2041!

HCR2039 Illegal aliens; enforcement & trespassing
Sponsor: Representative Pearce

Hearing: Committee of the Whole - March 20, 2008

HCR2039 would put on the 2008 general election ballot a measure to require that all governmental units in AZ must assist in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Further, anyone unlawfully present in this county is guilty of trespass, with a first time punishment of being transferred to federal authorities. A second offense is a class 4 felony punishable by a prison sentence of 2.5 years.

Take Immediate Action on HCR2039!

HB2807: Immigration; Local Law Enforcement
Sponsor: Representative Nelson

Hearing: Committee of the Whole - March 20, 2008

HB2807 Requires county, city and town law enforcement agencies to fully enforce immigration and bars local governments from passing ordinances prohibiting immigration enforcement or sharing information with immigration agencies.

Take Immediate Action on HB2807!

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