Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday News Bits

  • Mr. Calavera Head worries about terrorist Canadians
  • Roger Barnett still owes $98,775 for holding brown border crossers U.S. citizens hostage with a shotgun.
  • St. McCain is still hated by the haters for "trying to shove amnesty down our throats". This is what I like to call the Operation Wetbacker crowd. They won't be satisfied until the military is mobilized and mass deportations enacted.
  • The hate-group San Diego Minutemen are still throwing a tantrum after having their Adopt-A-Highway segment moved away from the border. I'm guessing that they're not all that interested in the environmental aspect of it.
  • When will we see hundreds of undocumented non-brown workers rounded up?
  • Huckabee trotted out Chuck Norris and vigilante Jim Gilchrist to make sure that everyone thinks border crossers are terrorists with bombs in their suitcases; forgets about mochilas.
  • Excerpt of the day: 'Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha says the governor is, quote, "riding a crest of racism."'
And one for fun:

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