Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Was ThisClose To Finding A Pony

I've been waiting for a news story to flash across my screen that doesn't involve human beings of the brown persuasion getting rounded up like cattle at their places of employment.

"Finally!!!" I exclaimed a moment ago. I thought that I had, at long last, gotten lucky with a tag line that mentioned employees of an Italian restaurant. Alas...
The workers, who were escorted into a van after their arrest, are from Indonesia, Mexico and Guatemala, authorities said. The workers' names and the charges they face have not been released.

ICE spokesman Richard Rocha said the individuals will go before an immigration judge who will consider deportation. He said their immigration status is not public record.

The daughter of one woman arrested said her mother had worked at the restaurant for eight years. Adriana Sanchez said her mother, 56-year-old Amalia de la Cruz, was from Mexico.

Sleep well, América. Your wine goblets are becoming safer from the brown menace, everyday.

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