Thursday, June 21, 2007

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez Discovers Russell Pearce

Primeramente, quisiera dar la bienvenida a Alisa y su familia.

I wondered how long it would take for you to discover our resident (and regrettably elected) National Alliance-supporter, Russell Pearce. He will definitely provide you with tons of insipiration, and judging by your latest post, each one will be worth reading.
The excellent bill, sponsored by Republican Mark Anderson, failed to pass because several lawmakers in his own party decided the word “international” was too scary. Republican Rep. Russell Pearce, one of the bill’s opponents, summarized his objections thusly: “Our schools ought to be focusing on education that we, as Americans, espouse. We ought to concentrate on United States history and United States heroes.”

Other detractors said the bill would pave the way for scary terrorist organizations like the United Nations to take over our country.

I am very supportive of their view. In fact, I am so supportive of their isolationist, American-only view of the world that I propose we give them the entire city of Mesa, where they can live their lives only with those items made in the United States or invented by an American.

Your points are well-taken on the laundry list of items and technologies that will need to be abandoned in order to support an American™ lifestyle. But please, for the love of Xochiquetzal, never ever suggest that he get naked again. The least you can do is offer him something from Sheriff Joe's pink clothing and accesory line.

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