Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dam'd if you do...

Theodore Roosevelt Dam, photo courtesy of Bureau of Reclamation

I'm feeling out of sorts this week. I feel like everything I write is the same recycled stump speech only with a different set of headlines. It seems like nothing changes in the world. Nothing. How do you stay sane while waiting for the dam to finally break against the neocons?

Here's a quick list for me:
  • animals, obviously Bud - unconditional love with a heaping side of snuggling
  • music, specifically mariachi - reminds me of my deceased grandparents and gives me a chance to re-connect to my cultura
  • calligraphic drawing - give me a blank paper and a good pen and I'll spend hours writing quotes and shading the calligraphy letters in different ways
  • camping - I'll always be an Eagle Scout at heart
Where/how do you find your happy place?

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