Sunday, June 04, 2006

Peekin' at the Eegians!

Ready or not, here we come! The Sunday voyeu -... er, I mean tour of the Eegeehood has commenced.

First up... Deano's back, yay! And he seems to have come across a rather discombobulated lady somewhere along the way. Very interesting!

Also, XicanoPwr has throttled the killer flu and has returned full blast to let some lookers know that yes, someone is looking back at them too. As usual, lots of great background and info provided as well!

And speaking of a wealth of information, I wouldn't understand most of this stuff half as well if Duke wasn't so good at putting the pieces together and explaining the issues and proposed policies in such clear terms. As he's done with his latest piece, Broken borders or broken system. Go read!

Ductape, who has been updating his site at an alarming rate lately (no complaints tho! we love it! [even though we know he's trying to avoid a petition]) gives us a primer on understanding (and recognizing, which is sometimes the hardest part) American Exceptionalism.

[UPDATE!] katiebird, fresh from a successful first step to take Eat4Today to 3D people (I heard rumors that she was great!), has been bizzy since she got back! Besides all the regular stuff, she's done a movie review (very interesting one too. Canadian!) Go read.

catnip takes on the right AND the left, and in between does a news roundup and wonders why people think Canadians are in denial about terrorism just because they are not freaking out and losing their minds. Also, Sunday food for thought... but I don't know where Tintin comes in?

Olivia's flowers and bugs have been modestly on their best behaviour this week! (darn.) But of course they are lovely and well worth looking at anyway! I love this one... for some reason it reminds me of a Broadway show. Which is odd, cuz I've never been to a Broadway show, but if I had, it would look like this flower, I'm convinced. What do you think?

[UPDATE AGAIN!]A ghost ship that will haunt you for days. "Anomalies" that have a very disturbing consistency. Things I bet you didn't know about migrants. And a hopeful story of people who have made what could have been a harrowing choice - but which was the only one they felt capable of. Get a comfy chair, a cup of coffee or a long cool drink and settle in to read... you won't want to miss a thing at dove's place.

And then go for a ride in FamilyMan's first car! Do I have to tell you that it wasn't a smoothly riding, fully tuned beaut? With working brakes?Thank goodness it wasn't or this story might never have been written ;).

James is on a roll! Just start at the top and read down... he's found a number of stories to highlight about racist scapegoating, can we call it a dictatorship yet and sadness over Haditha. And more! Go read.

Intrepid Liberal Journal asks us to remember the other survivors of the US invasions... the soldiers themselves, especially the ones living with PTSD.

Boran2 has two stories about scary food and GM (not general motors) trees and other products. I am not sure most US people even know how much genetically modified foods they eat... I know I had no clue until I met people from Europe and the UK who informed me of the fact. Sigh. Anyway, go read Boran! Lots of info there.

All done! (maybe)

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