Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sugar-Coating "Concentration Camps"

Congratulations, Don, you got an apology from the paper. It still doesn't mean your framing will change reality. A Concentration Camp is a Concentration Camp is a Concentration Camp.
EFE Executive Vice President Emillio Sanchez said in a June 25 letter released Tuesday by Goldwater's campaign that the EFE stringer who wrote the June 21 article should not have reported that Goldwater supports using "concentration camps."

"We understand the very serious connotations those words have for the people of the Arizona. Upon further reflection, our investigation has determined that your plan to house illegal prisoners in a tent city is consistent with accepted practices for nonviolent American prisoners in your area," Sanchez said in the letter.

"Accepted practice" - like this?
The five men knew their two-day walk across the Arizona desert could end with the Border Patrol swiftly returning them to Mexico. But they never imagined that they would be stuck in a county jail for more than three months.

They were held under a novel interpretation of an Arizona immigrant smuggling law that allows the customers of human traffickers to be charged as conspirators in the crime.


The five inmates said they worried about their families, because they haven't been able to provide for them for more than three months and don't know when their cases will be resolved.
When is the pendulum going to swing back to the side of sanity and humanity? As I wrote yesterday, it has to begin within and ripple out to our circles of influence to cause a tidal wave change that respects the dignity of human beings of all races, creed and language.

Making sure your friends register to vote and actually show up to the polls on Election Day won't hurt either. We have much work to do.

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