Thursday, June 01, 2006

Te Amo MetaJesús

First and foremost, thank you all for your participation here. It is humbling to me everytime I see a new comment in each of the threads. This site picked up alot of steam in February with the cartoon fiasco and while that was a rough time, it unexpectedly created a neighborhood of blogs that I find amazing.

A growing spirit of collaboration has emerged among real-life strangers who have become compadres via the written word. As you know, Ductape, Duke, Nanette and katiebird have posting priviledges here; but it dawned on me that there's a bunch of us doing group writing all over the place. At Eat4Today any registered user can submit an article that will appear on the frontpage to enrich the health (literally) of all who choose to take their words and advice to heart. At Migra Matters, Duke has assembled a team of bloggers with different writing styles to tackle the immigration debate from a progressive point-of-view. James dared to give the keys of his blog to a few of us when he went out on vacation (I'll post something there soon, I promise!).

Plus, if you read any of the comment threads at the home-blogs of regular people visiting here, you'll see a bunch of familiar names with an unending stream of conversation and fellowship. It's pretty cool when you think about it, we're growing the Revolution just by supporting each Others' efforts (couldn't resist the pun).

So, without further ado, I would like to invite you all to check out the latest addition to the collaborative circuit, which has been getting off the ground this week. Nanette's awesome site Human Beams has launched Blogger's Row in the Both Sides Now section of the online magazine. It's in the infancy stage, but like I told Nanette, her site reminds me of my favorite t-shirt that's over 10 years old: soft and comforting. I think it will be a perfect addition to the neighborhood as there are times when we could all use some soul food - in addition to cheesecake, of course.

That's all on this end today, how are you all doing? Work. Sucks. But at least I'm feeling better! Time to forget the shadow for abit and let our Human Beams light each other up for awhile. Whattayathink?

Oh, and someone please grab MetaJesús a kleenex.

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