Sunday, June 18, 2006

Manana, manana is today!

[UPDATE! UPDATE!] Yes, I am feeling much better, thank you all for your good thoughts.... but that's not the UPDATE!

James has done the Eegeehood tour! Yes, indeed, and has done it well too! So, if you have been missing your Sunday fix, or even if you are not, go look! And not only are there links to all the great Sunday bests, but he's sneaked (snuck?) some Latin in there!

Thanks, James!

---------------------------- old stuff

I am, once again, a Bad Blogger!

I am not feeling so good today, BUT...that doesn't mean that Eegians are off the Sunday hook to have on their best... because we might be coming 'round tonight, or we might be coming 'round tomorrow or... and we are not even Santa Claus!

Use this as an open thread, or to post any jewels (Eegeehood or otherwise) that you've found, and we can take a comments tour! Or a comments led tour. Or maybe it's a tour activated by a comment.

Anyway... it's all yours!

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