Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mike Hellon is Smoking Crack

I moved out of the 8th Congressional District a year ago, but since it spans the east side of Tucson I get the awesome opportunity (embrace the snark here) to still get bombarded by campaign ads and the steady slew of emails from the different camps.

There are six Democrats running in the primary and I have yet to pick a favorite. If you want a full listing of candidates check out the Secretary of State's website. The point of this post is to register my disgust with one of the Republican candidates who has bought a few advertising slots to invade my important television time - Mike Hellon

His "Border Security Plan" ad can be viewed at his website here. At the end of his ridiculous diatribe, the narrator ends with these words:
...will say no to Amnesty and he'll fight to end the practice of giving U.S. citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. Mike Hellon. Proven Leadership. Arizona Values.
I think the commercial should've ended: Mike Hellon. Typical Republican. Extremist Values. This guy is no fringe Elephant, according to his online bio he is...
A lifelong Republican, Mike was elected to the Republican National Committee as National Committeeman for Arizona in 1992. From 1997 to 2004, he served on the RNC Executive Committee as a representative for the Western Region. And in 1997 when Dodie Londen announced her resignation as chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, Mike was elected to take over as chairman. During his tenure, the party successfully elected Republicans to fill all but one of the statewide constitutional offices, including governor.
Remember that, my Latino friends. While immigration is not an issue that solely affects our community, looking at the map of the district Mike Hellon is vying to control should provide some insight into the witchhunt that would ensue if you don't show up to the polls on Election Day and elect a Democrat who will contribute towards a majority that will fight against this type of hate-mongering.

Hate that I should mention is becoming mainstream thanks to people like Mike Hellon, JD Hayworth and Russell Pearce.

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