Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shit that irritates me

This is not directed at Cobb, per se, for the trackback he provided to my post from yesterday, but rather to a larger problem that is existing in the U.S. There is obnoxious distrust everywhere you look here that has been provided as a model of interaction by the current government in power.

Polarization is everywhere you look. Instead of dealing with the fact that we're at war and the need to address those issues, or that human beings are dying everyday in the Sonoran desert, the U.S. Congress is debating stupid shit like flag burning and definitions of marriage. It is specifically designed to divide the electorate so the GOP can pander to those who are still blind enough to believe that they are the party of "values." Bullshit.

I'm so pissed off right now I can hardly type. What the fuck is wrong with the marginalized communities, which includes minority factions for the forseeable future, that they can't see beyond petty differences to realize that unless we shelve the stupidity found in the mirror, the rich and powerful will continue to screw us all over?

I may be young and naive, full of idealism, but it is that exact type of personality that has enacted real change in our nation's history. Cobb writes the following
Everybody thinks they have their own 'civil rights movement' style concessions to get from the Man. Except few are willing or able to take the long, hard and high road. It's funny, I never thought I'd hear myself using the term 'racial spoils system', but that's basically how these low-rent politics are working. There is no consistent principle being applied here. It's just a gold rush.
That statement is proof that he has no real understanding of the movement that has been unleashed by the immigrant community over the past several months. It's not a gold rush when it involves the livelihood and legal status of peers, parents, grandparents and friends. The streets were filled by immigrant advocates because there is a real danger that the GOP-led Congress will criminalize and demonize a substantial and contributing population of this country.

My advice to anyone who doesn't understand what this movement is really about: attend a fucking meeting of the advocacy boards or one of the numerous protests/action events. You'll find much more solidarity with the message than you perceive. If not, then you are too blind to break out of your perceived helplessness.

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