Sunday, June 25, 2006

tap, tap... are you on?

Sunday's here again! And you know what that means... but before we get into that, I want to thank James for doing the tour last week, and doing it so well too! All y'all are really great.

And, since we are already there, we might as well see what James has been up to this week. I hope no one missed this draft edition of his book review of A Question of Torture. He's looking for feedback too, so after you tell him how great it is, you can tell him what (if anything!) is wrong with it! Also, The face of Iraqi civilian casualties and tempestuous teapots.

Olivia has gone buggy again! Green, three toed bugs on cotton candy hills, to be exact. And hungry baby um... bird flowers!

Everyone will be relieved to notice that honorary great grandpapas have been sighted and so there was no need to break out the Bleating Baby Tapir Siren! (But we'll still keep it in reserve). And sometimes you have to give up a remote to gain an entirely new perspective on The Look!

[UPDATE!] I'm not going to tease katiebird today. Really! I'm just going to mention that has decided not to be elitist (and has also figured out a way to probably control spam) and has opened up the comments on her Eat 4 Today, so that there is no registration required! Just an approval of the initial comment... so if you've been waiting to chime in, wait no more! Go yap away. However, now she's determined to control destiny! Also, for those that don't know, katie has been gracious enough to open up an Eat 4 Today @ Human Beams! She's bizzy, bizzy, especially as she's building up E4T Live, the next date of which is July 5th! If you are in the area, drop on by.

I, of course, don't have tour favorites, but I have to admit... I just love this site! It's just so... so... homey. No, no, not homie! Family Man deals with weedwackers, not wickwack (whatever that is). And salmon lessons, and airy tales, although even comfortable roads sometimes take an unexpected turn!

deano has a new banner! Purple soldiers? Also a painting that announces itself as Teeth. I think it's very nice of it to tell us that. And aboriginal art meets toons!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] boran2 has decided not to take over the world! er... I mean blogtopia! (yes, skippy, etc - good heavens, are we well trained or what!? ). Darn... I bet it would have been a lot more colorful. Okay, well, maybe not. But still! This doesn't mean he's letting big business get away with anything, though!

Forget scaring us for 2006 and 2008... XicanoPwr is getting a jump on scaring us for 2028! And your papers, please.

catnip has her Sunday Food for Thought! excellent, as usual. And also breakdowns and details of much news, with angles you may have missed. Just start at the top and read down! OH! And I almost forgot.... congrats to catnip for hitting 50,000 visitors a week or so ago! Yippie!

[UPDATE! UPDATE!] Duke reminds us that Democracy Summer starts July 1. Read all about it! And there's lots more there, including from XP, and our Manny! Another "start at the top and just keep reading" thing.

We have two new blogs on the tour! First up, El Ranchero at Border Human Rights. Chock full of information about border issues, and of course human rights issues. Go say hi! And also, Keoni at The Pacific Tribune, which is a scoop site. Lots of stuff there, so say hi there too and sign up if you want.

I love Link TV. I think it's a great idea, and I hope it grows very big. Intrepid Liberal Journal has an interview with one of their directors and documentariasts (or whatever you call someone who films documentaries). Very well done, as usual!

The world was never meant to be a prison, as dove states, and the music (and impetus) of haunting words. Also an ongoing conversation (join in!) on solidarity.

[UPDATE SOME MORE!] Guess who's been nominated for both the Barry Award and the Macavity Award for best short story? AND has short stories slated to be published in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (one of my favorites for ages)? AND who is having a regular Story Hour on her site? With stories! AND has signed copies of their books available? I'll never tell... it's all a mystery to me! ('scuze me while I run off to read about Easter Island).

I think... All Done!

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