Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another Domestic Terrorist Attack In Arizona

The blood of the indigenous flows again due to a corrupt sense of exceptionalism from cowards wielding fatal hate.
A group of armed men attacked nine or 10 illegal entrants on the far Northwest Side this morning, killing three men and injuring two other people, authorities said.

The illegal border crossers were headed north near the Silver Bell mine in a Dodge truck when they encountered three or four men in another vehicle, said Pima County Sheriff's Department Bureau Chief Richard Kastigar.

In the altercation one man was shot and killed, a woman suffered a gunshot and neck wound and another man suffered a hand injury and lost several fingers, Kastigar said.

The survivors were taken to a local hospital.

Detectives later found the white truck driven by the border crossers with two dead men in the cab, Kastigar said.

This comes on the heels of last week's Domestic Terrorism Attack in Eloy. What the fuck has to happen here in the fronteralands to wake people up to the crisis we are experiencing?

Innocent human beings are dying everyday. Their crime, according to their murderers?


Please contact your elected officials, no matter where you are from, and demand that they address immigration reform in a humane and comprehensive manner. It cannot wait any longer. Our dried rillitos have flowed with enough blood.

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