Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head Tour!

One thing I've noticed about we Californians (or, at least some of us... not me, tho! Really!)... give us two days straight of clouds and rain and wind and we're moaning and groaning as if we'll never see the sun again! I'm not like that at all... me, it takes a lot, something really egregious. Like the fact that it's been THREE WHOLE DAYS! Or half days, anyway, of clouds and rain, sigh.

But I bet it's sunny somewhere! ('Fess up... are you the one that took our sun?) And in honor of that, we'll have a nice, sunny tour of the Eegeehood today!

First up - a reason to smile even through the clouds... dove is back! In a piece fittingly titled How to break a silence, where she gives us a clue as to what she's been up to lately, and why! Which, of course, leaves us clamoring for more (and keeping our petitions handy!)

Also, I saw Iowa Victory Gardener peeking in in the comments here, so I went to see what he's been up to (nosy, nosy, I know... but for a good cause!) and guess what? He's got crabby flowers for Olivia! Well, he calls them curmudgeonly flowers, but crabby is much easier to spell. And he has lots of other things too - lovely red flowers, including one especially for Janet which, as the town crier, I have to make sure she knows about! He is sad it isn't pink, but I think red is just extra pink and so that works!

Boran2 has added windows to our condos - which makes them far more marketable, I think. What good are condos on the rocks if you can't see the rocks? Also, apparently bird flu is going to the highest bidder? And a well deserving someone gets the boot off the island!

[UPDATE!] XicanoPwr is on fire! The blog, that is. New design! But wait, his writings are on fire too! He takes some recent dustups, weaves them into an essay on enemies and language, manipulations and emotional blackmail, and ties it all into various national and international issues. Whew! Go read! Also, he has some good questions for John Edwards, and dissects the words we use, and the rhetoric of race. More there too, pull up a chair, get comfy and go read!

Gasp, I almost forgot! There's a new kid on the block. Just born! You'll recognize many familiar faces and realize that, of course! Everybody Comes From Somewhere! Already lots of very interesting conversations going on, on everything from war and resistance to poetry to building community. Start at the top and scroll down!

Arcturus shows us how the war on drugs has become a war on immigrants, and how when you have prisons run by for profit agencies one thing they always need is... more product! Or is it more consumers? Anyway... bad stuff happens. Also, an irreversibly multipolar world order? There is more there too, scroll down!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Original James needs sunny days! The world is a mess, but it always seems more so when it's cloudy. Of course, some things no weather will help, like an Iraqi interrogator, in his own words. Also, come coverage of the Watada trial... how about how that one turned out, eh? (Jazzy James is still in hiatus... )

I am not - NOT! - going to say anything about supersoling's site. OR fluffy tailed rats. Not a word. Nope. Not me!

Uh oh... katiebird hasn't been firmed for 4 whole days! I hope she's not toppling over again... I think she needs sunny days too! Get well soon, katie!

Family Man goes from brand new nieces to sister's in law that slink through the night, moving things, to the philosophy of borrowing.... all in one post! You've gotta read it, if only for the picture (and stuff) wars. Also, why some things are better left unsaid! Or, at least, some ways of saying them. Sometimes.

Well now... deano has gone from pink and purple livers to green balls of fire, which may or may not be an improvement in the comfort level, no doubt depending on one's point of view. And I'll say nothing more about that! Also, the art crit has gone political!

[UPDATE THE LAST! MUCH LATER!] Olivia has a black hole in space masquerading as a flower! Also, crabby pigeons have a confab! Hmmm... and she wonders, Do you know this flower? It's very pink and delicate and pretty! And don't miss the cloud blogging!

Art or food? You be the judge, in Nezua's Sunday Skillet Blogging! And he has part 6 of The Skin of My Soul series up... if you've not read it yet, what better day than today? And at the Movies with Nez, where the topic is Pan's Labyrinth (have you ever noticed that that word sounds *nothing* like it's spelled? well, maybe a little) ... very few spoilers as he's just tackling a small part of the movie!

Janet has more stories and pictures of resistance, protesting and the surge protection brigade! Just start at the top and read down!

[UPDATE AFTER THE LAST!] ILJ has done all the work for me! Well, not all the work, but some of it - he has new stuff, and put it in comments (cuz I sorta missed him, but not really, as I was coming back to check although I am still not back, but anyway... here tis!) ' Eliot Spitzer Takes On New Yorks Nomenklatura is my post about NY Governor Spitzer's battle with the entrenched Albany establishment and Losing the Janes is a post about my email correspondence with "Jane," a voter from Ohio who I persuaded to vote in November and her current dissatisfaction with Democrats and also Afghanistan: the Forgotten War is my post about a war we've all seemed to have neglected while we focus on Iraq."

It's possible that I am not done, but I have to go. If I've missed you, leave a note in comments and I will update later!

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