Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday days are here again!

Hello everyone, guess what!? It's Sunday! ALL day today. Only... for some reason I didn't think so. heh

We'll swing right into the tour, no silly little notes, no dithering here and there, just straight and serious trotting around the Eegeehood - peeking!

Whew! katiebird is back and firmer than ever! She's letting us know what's for lunch, and a bombshell from bombshell (congrats!) and plenty of daily firmings! Welcome back, katie!

ILJ has a podcast interview (can we call him a journalist yet?) with NY state senator, Liz Krueger, who he calls a change agent. Also. Albany's winter heat (which I think they could probably use more of... the real stuff, that is - brrr!) And a memo to Hillary!

Boran2 has made subtle changes to the condos on the rocks, that nevertheless make a big difference! Also some things, once lost, can never be regained. This makes no difference to those whose only thought of gain is monetary, tho!

[UPDATE!] Hah! People are always trying to hide things from me, as if peeking were not a time honored profession! Take Family Man... he had a birthday when? Last weekend! But he doesn't mention it until Monday! Little does he know (and I'll never tell) that in the Eegeehood time runs mostly from Monday to Sunday, so in Eegeehood time, we can still wish him a Happy Birthday this week! Also, this is one reason why I gave up on wire glasses. But not grocery stores!

Oh gee... it's about Olivia. Well... what's the best way to put it. Hmmm... not only is her head in the clouds, and not only has she gone totally buggy, and not only does she blatantly display morning glory's fascinating inner bits... there is just one last thing you should know about Olivia. She's getting pretty fishy! And has one too! Oh, what to do, what to do... go see! That's what.

supersoling has a song of the day and fine rant (that contains no critters at all!).

Original James has the Iraq Debacle week in review, and also a snippet from Who is IOZ about a hot topic in some parts these days, American Exceptionalism.

Speaking of, Mo Betta has a few Metas, one being the connections between exceptionalism, jingoism and racism, and how language is used, from Arcturus. Also, catnip thinks about recent controversies, such as blog amnesty, and the future of blogs and what comes next? And an excellent conversation going on in this post by James, which highlights a bit of out of control speech... but the comments have evolved on their own to be about something very different!

[UPDATE AGAIN AND MAYBE THE LAST BUT MAYBE NOT!] Arcturus has one of those "start at the top and read down!" type pages today. From UN peacekeeping militarism, to a question few probably know the answer to - or at least free to state it, to the Legacy of Torture and the SF8 and much more! Scroll down!

Nezua too is a start at the top and read down one. Lots of good stuff there! Definitions of terms, which I've only just noticed is Chapter 1! Which is cool, cuz that means there are more to come. Also, I'd not heard of Robert Franklin Williams before, but he sounds interesting... and still timely, after all of these years. Funny how the speech of justice and humanity changes little over time, culture or location. And loads more, all interesting and great reading! And watching, too. Scroll down!

Um... she's melting? Okay, maybe not! I just looked at the title... she's maybe just really, really relaxed. Not like this next lady, elegant tho she may be! Or this fish wielding guy, whose standing as still as statue! Oh, did I mention that all of this was at deanos? go look!

Janet has the whole scoop on some nasty Senator (Smith), that targets peace activists. She also has a way to let him know what you think about that!

I haven't read the story yet, but I love this title from Duke, so am copying the entire thing:Lies, damned lies, and anything coming out of a Minuteman's mouth. It sounds well worth reading!

Don't forget to visit Everybody Comes From Somewhere, and also scroll down here! Manny's got some great stuff too.

All done! (maybe)!

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