Monday, February 19, 2007

A Sampling of Texas Immigration Bills

This is what the rabid members of the Texas State Legislature have in the coffers with respect to immigration reform inhumane treatment of people.

  • HB127: Requires state agencies to ask customers whether they are legal U.S. residents and report the cost of services provided to illegal residents.

  • HB38: Requires proof of legal residency in the U.S. to obtain professional licenses.

  • HB40: Applicants for medical assistance must prove their legal status.

  • HBs578, 691, 1377: Applicants for a marriage license must swear they are not marrying as a way to circumvent immigration laws.

  • HB28: U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants would be ineligible for state services and state jobs.

  • HBs104, 141, 159, 39: Eliminates undocumented immigrant students' ability to receive in-state tuition rates.

  • HBs858, 905, 907 1012, 1256: Allows state and/or local police to enforce federal immigration laws.

  • HB904: Prohibits cities from setting up day labor centers.

  • HBs931, 932: Requires proof of legal status for a driver's license and a citizenship label on driver's licenses.

  • HB29: Imposes a fee on money undocumented immigrants send to Central and South America.

  • HCR11: Resolution calling on the Texas attorney general to pursue lawsuits to collect money from the federal government to repay the state for the cost of undocumented immigrants.

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    All are egregious, but the ones I highlight are to show you the true gall of these rabid hardliners. They care nothing for the well-being of the targets of these bills. Can you imagine? Medical care only provided if you're able to prove your legal status - and nope, there won't be any racial profiling ::cough:: ::gag::

    Plus, the Constitution is little more than toilet paper to them. They wish to pretend that the 14th Amendment doesn't exist. Actively trying to create new classes of citizenry is just another way for the privileged and elite to preserve their vantage point in society - sneering down their noses at them.

    There was a time when such radical action by a legislative body would be mocked and exiled to a political graveyard - but in this era of vigilante-ism and blatant hate-mongering by radio and tv personalities, there is no limit to this type of extremism.

    And I wonder why I'm so disgusted with the news...

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