Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday "Whew, I made it!" Eegeehood tour!

'ello, 'ello everyone! We are here! Well, we being me, who almost wasn't because the Blog Platform That Shall Not Be Named almost didn't want to let my name in! The nerve.

Anyway, are we ready for the Sunday tour!? I'm sure everyone has a lot of stuff up, things to see, places to go, and people to... well, I think I messed that saying up somewhere, but you know what I mean. People to peek at!

First up, I'm in the mood for one of Family Man's stories and guess what? He has a great one... drama, compassion, tension, allegorical references, cliffhangers,.... and that's just the one about his dog George (what a face)! Just wait til you get to Aunt Sally and the Baby!

catnip thinks Republicans don't want to talk about Iraq. I wonder where she got that idea? Also, words are not enough, for the Iraqi war casualties... and a cool video tribute to Janis Joplin.

Original James is done playing doctor and is back where he belongs... blogging about things like Oklahoma joining some other states in the resistance against the Real ID thingy! Also, the Iraq Debacle Week in Review, which is always not very joyful reading, and the partisan blogging code of ethics. I think somewhere along the line here, people are going to need to have real, open and no holds barred conversation about the intersection of blogs, money, politics and politicians. Or we'll all face the consequences. That's all in my humble opinion, of course!

[UPDATE!] If you've not yet seen Nezua's product prototype "Mr Clean Obama" yet, you really must! It's a hoot. Also, The Case of the The Magical Mysterious Corn Cake, which I have not read all of yet, but it looks like fun! And news of a Palestinian family that was released from a US detention camp - good news!

Yay! Olivia has ended her boycott of bugs! Okay, so it's winter in Canada and maybe every self respecting bug is in hiding, but still... she has a lovely bug (and flower) that she has been saving, that was in her garden last fall! Well, she's not been actually saving the bug (as far as I know)... just the picture of it. Also, a black eyed susan that, for some reason, reminds me of a pleading puppy... ears canted back, with big soulful eyes that say... "feed me". And, of course, cloud blogging! I've got nothing, picture wise, in that cloud... unless it's an eagle in flight. Hmmm.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that there is META at Mo Betta! And news, too! Also, gratuitous kitty pics.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Duke has an excellent article on immigration, multiculturalism and the threat to western civilization, and it's amusing as well. The silly things ignorant folks perpetrate, sigh. Also, news on escalating violence at the border.

ILJ has a podcast of the history of civil rights in Yonkers! New York, that is. Just in case there are other Yonkers around. Cuz you know... some names are just plain fun, and so lots of places have them. Also, an interview with Congressman Jerry Nadler!

Do you know who Josh Wolf is? I didn't either! But Arcturus is not going to let him be forgotten. And that's a good thing, as he is a video journalist/blogger... and his incarceration, charges and court case is of importance to many of us. [ UPDATE IN THE MIDDLE!] Also, don't miss Arcturus' piece on prison labor and e-waste! Chock full of information about hidden aspects of our prison system, and also environmental issues.

Boran is blocking in our condos on the rocks, and they are starting to take form! Also, the sneaky way to allow something politically and environmentally important to die... underfund it!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] katiebird is in a tussle with time stealers! BUT... she has the secret weapons to win! Also, she is still being firmed daily and also has more on healthcare, in Healthcare Thursday! Even tho it's not Thursday now, but it was then. I think.

Well now... deano is getting organic! Or something. Grooved liver? Also a colorful city, which I quite like (am not all that fond of liver, tho) and then there is the holy moment! Lots of neat things there (but who would want to paint liver? this is what I want to know. I am going to haunted, I just know it).

Janet has news, a story and pics on the arrest of six grandmothers! Obviously, grannies are the new Threat To Civilization. Sigh.

Supersoling has some cool news about the kindness of friends, dads and very cool pictures. Go read!

Speaking of pictures, our Manny came back with lots of them from the march! Scroll down!

All done! If I've forgotten anyone, let me know.

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