Wednesday, February 07, 2007

meta: beating skippy's dead horse

hell hath no fury like a bush kangaroo scorned

we got yer 'amnesty' right here

we agree with jon swift who finds the use of the word "amnesty" in the current blogrolling bloodletting ironic. to paraphrase his words so loosely as to almost be using another language, it's as if the blogs doing the roll trimming were the u.s. government deporting illegal aliens, but calling "king's x" when it came time to accept responsibility for the actions. in other words, it's duncan and kos who want the amnesty, not the blogs they are ruthlessly slashing off their rolls.

in blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase, the coinage of the realm is linkage. and versa visa. the only way to give value to your peers is thru links. and a spot on your permanent blogroll is the highest value you can give.

so, in spite of the protestations that it's "nothing personal," it's quite literally the opposite: you cut a blog from your roll, you are stating to your readers that you don't find that blog of any value. that cut blog is no longer your peer.

in case you have no idea what is behind the "week and day before st. valentine's day massacre", dailykos, eschaton and other sites purged their blogrolls - and with it cut loose many sites that helped build the so-called movement used as reasoning for said purge. personally, i think it's more bowel movement than revolution, but that's for a future diary.

so skippy is pissed. rightfully so, in my opinion. we have been linked up at their site for months thanks to their generosity to grow blogtopia (which, yes! they coined that phrase!) so it is of no surprise to me that the blogroll purges have been met with a neighborhood rampage hearty protestations.

in response, skippy has offered blogroll amnesty - promising to link to any site that links to them. I will join this cause of blogtopia revolution and make the same promise.

now. on to the dulce de leche cheesecake:

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