Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday "What a day, what a day" tour!

Honeys, I'm home! Well, not exactly home, but here! Well, here in the sense that any of us are anywhere, especially when we are essentially nowhere when online! Or something like that.

Anyway here we are! And there we are too! And you know what that means... time to go on tour!

Arcturus is remembering Manny Babbit, tying it in to war and death and the shame of Walter Reed medical center. I've only skimmed it, but it looks like another must read! Also, the US is #1! If you are counting from the bottom up, that is... otherwise, it looks like we are dead last in the health and care of children department. I can't imagine why...

Olivia is in the pink! Color bursts all over the site, between daisies not at all like you're used to seeing and inquisitive orchids and shocking primroses, you'll have your fill! But wait, save room for cloud blogging!

I've spotted dove... but NOT in her aviary! She's been hanging out at the new and improved (and moved) everybody comes from somewhere - which has a new address! Anyway, dove has an ordinary person's guide to human development, which sounds interesting although I've not had time to read it. Also, NLinStPaul is musing on peacemakers, and there is lots more there to read. At the new address!

[UPDATE!] You ever noticed what a racket birds make when settling in for the evening? At least, I think that is what they are doing... heading on for dusk here, and they are just chirping and chattering and no doubt gossiping away about their day. All outside my window, it sounds like.

Anyway! the art crit.... this person doesn't seem too awfully hopeful about tomorrow! Or maybe they just think it'll make quite a splash. Also, giving an entirely new meaning to yon rabbity faced fellow! And, in Art News, deano is verklempt, but we won't hold it against him! Well, and plus he has links to an artist and interviews!

Well! Family Man is having a time of it, for sure. Quitting is hard work! Especially if there are stresses, like poor little sick puppies! And outrageously priced pharmaceuticals! AND broken glasses... funny thing tho, when mine broke, I also went to an old, old pair and found I could see out of them better too! Anyway tho, you can do it, Family Man! Eegeehoodians are pulling for you!

Boran details the "liberal judicial conspiracy" against Gov. Goodhair in that bastion of liberalism... um... Texas? Also, our condos are coming along nicely! Almost ready for the move in date! And cracking the Negroponte Code!

Janet and friends plant themselves in front of a townhall meeting with politicians and say... Let Us In! With details and pictures.. and a bullhorn!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] ILJ wonders what campaigns say about our culture in Champagne, the Price of Beer and Presidential Politics. Do we really want to know what it says about our culture? Yes, so go read! Also, did Hillary and Obama cancel each other out in their recent tussle, thus tossing the ball to a competing politician? And ILJ wants you to ask your boss for free drugs. How times have changed!

Over where the meta is mo betta, James has an essay on handling dissident bloggers in gated community blogs... lots to think about there, go read!

Speaking of James, Original James has an editorial response to the "creeping pacifism" nonsense. Also, the Iraq debacle week in review and interesting parallels between settler cultures a world and a few lifetimes apart.

All done! computer is doing Odd Things, so have to shut down... if I've forgotten you, tell me in comments and I will add you soonish!

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