Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How Convenient...

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Exhibit VXCIV in the ongoing battle to show how ridiculously editorialized the "journalism" in this country has become:
Law enforcement officials working near the border recovered the body of a suspected illegal border crosser and confiscated 741 pounds of marijuana in separate incidents over the weekend.

A woman found the body of a Mexican woman between 30 and 40 years old west of Peña Blanca Lake on Sunday, said Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada. She found the dead woman while checking on camera equipment for a sensor placed to spot jaguars, he said.

It appears the woman died from hypothermia or exposure, and no foul play is suspected, Estrada said.

How convenient that the death of this woman, this economic refugee, is reported juxtaposed to the seizure of marijuana along la frontera. The article ends with details of the operation, including the type of weapon being carried by the smugglers.

And what of la mujer from the first part of the article?

Her story, her desperation, is lost to the black hole of journalistic laziness. She, who had nothing to do with the nefarious actions that run rampant on both sides of the line, from both countries and their governments, has had her memory incarcerated with the dark bleat of guilt reserved for the true criminals in our midst.

This is what we mean when he speak of the Human Rights Crisis along the U.S./Mexico border. While that particular line is militarized in bolder moves everyday, the stories of the people seeking a way to survive or provide are blurred into a muddled mess with the smugglers of cargo; human and earth-made goods.

It is a heinous act upon the dignity of these refugees of greed.

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