Thursday, September 13, 2007

Duke's Latest at Migra Matters

Glad to see him back in the saddle and writing again.
This October will mark the second anniversary of the publication of "Respect for the Law & Economic Fairness: Illegal Immigration Prevention", by Republican spinmeister, Frank Luntz.

Intended as a blueprint for winning the 2006 midterm elections, the 25-page memo laid out a strategy to provide cover for Republican candidates hampered by waning poll numbers. Luntz'a plan was to blame "illegal aliens" for all the nations social and economic ills, enabling a shift of attention from an unpopular war, unpopular economic policies, and an unpopular President.

Cleverly framing the issue in reactionary populism, Luntz's strategy pitted hard-working, tax-paying, "real Americans" against shiftless "illegals" looking for a free ride at the nations expense.

Of course with hindsight, we now know this strategy failed politically, polarizing and fracturing the Republican party. But Luntz's handiwork has had a lasting effect on national discourse and led to a level of societal toxicity that could have lasting effects well beyond his political machinations.

Go read the whole thing - you won't be disappointed.
He's absolutely right that we need to do a better job of organizing mass communication campaigns from a pro-immigration standpoint. The question is: how? I think it will take a coalition of people working within the marketing realm of business, local grassroot groups/activists, and sympathetic politicos at all levels.

Bloggers are obviously another part of that effort and perhaps we need to start leading instead of reacting. More thoughts on that later. Meanwhile, go check in over at Migra Matters.

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