Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pima County Re-Authorize Water Stations

Thank you to the County Supervisors, and especially Chairman Elías, for taking the humane course of action despite the screeches and howls from anti-immigrant forces.
Pima County Supervisors Tuesday approved another year of funding for water stations in the desert - over the objections of critics who claimed that such a contribution violates federal law.

The supervisors voted 4-1 to provide $25,000 for a sixth consecutive year to Humane Borders, a faith-based group who members fill and maintain about 90 such stations set out in the Sonoran Desert.

Supporting the efforts of human rights groups like Humane Borders is an honorable course of action. Please contact the Supervisors and let them know that they did good today (minus Ann Day, of course, who would rather see more dead bodies in the desert).
Chairman Richard Elías
Pima County Board of Supervisors
Phone: 520-740-8126
Fax: 520-884-1152
Email: district5@pima.gov

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