Sunday, September 09, 2007

Univision Debate: Latino Blogger Reactions

  • It was refreshing to hear questions about immigration being asked from a Latino standpoint. Issues such as families being separated, workers being subjected to 16-hour shifts, and my personal favorite: After 9/11, why was the focus put on the southern border instead of the northern one? and putting the Senators on the spot who voted for the Great Wall of America™
  • As noted in the podcast, the audio was very confusing at times. You could still hear the English answers by the candidates throughout the spanish translations. Plus, the translators were like robots, so any emotion in the answers was nullified.
  • I will never understand why Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd were not allowed to respond to the questions in spanish. The whole "level playing field" excuse doesn't cut it, in my opinion. Gov. Richardson looked uncomfortable at times having to answer in english, and even chastised when he had the audacity to utter words in spanish (the nerve! jeje). It was a debate on Univision - let the candidates who are able - speak the tongue of the audience that this debate was intended to target.
  • I loved the towering image of Lady Liberty in the backdrop.
  • Dennis Kucinich mentioned NAFTA a couple of times and its effects on the economies of many nations - the audience cheered loudly for his promise to end it. I like the guy. Alot.
  • This was a historic night and very telling that if the GOP's version ends up happening, it'll be St. McCain having a discussion among his various personalities - he's the only one who has committed to this format. It tells me that they are going to continue to speak only to their small-minded, nativist base to hope that enough of them show up on election day to defeat the brown menace in its various guises.
  • It was refreshing not having to listen to the gasbags in the Liars Spin Room afterwards.
Any other thoughts?

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