Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Midweek Meta Open Thread

  • I've been working on tweaks to the template again (does that make me a tweaker? heh). Still trying to resolve the problem with the way the site displays in Internet Explorer using 800 x 600 resolution (switch to Firefox, people!) I know there's a way to get the center column to automatically squish, but for the life of me, can't figure out where to put the code. Soooooo, if any coding gurus would like to help with that, please email me at the link to the left.
  • My buddy James, who's a Pl├ítica Starter here, has renamed his site to The Mahatma X Files - please update your blogrolls (it was formerly "The Left End of the Dial")
  • You'll notice at the top of the right column on this page, there's a new widget courtesy of the Rock the Vote peeps. Clicking on it will open up a Voter Registration page that makes it easy for a person to get fully engaged on the civic level. If you're a blogger and would like to add the widget to your site, the link is here.
  • Finally. A logo that I love unconditionally. Hope you like it.
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake, anyone? It's autumn!

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