Friday, September 14, 2007

Una Identidad Sin Fronteras: Dos Banderas

Alla al pie de la montana
Donde temprano se oculta el sol
Quedo mi ranchito triste
Y abandonada ya mi labor

Triste? Not this weekend.

The spirit of an indigenous people that refuses to allow its history to be pillaged and conquered will burn brightly as we gather to celebrate nuestras Fiestas Patrias. El Grito del Pueblo will ring out among the crowd, flanked by the two flags of our borderless community. The trumpet and guitarrĂ³n will lead our souls in song while the dances and vibrant Jalisciense colors emerge from the stage as rainbows of cultura and love.

Ancestors, alive and beyond, will join us in honoring the past while preparing for a future that is unafraid to rise beyond the systems that holds us down. A system that attempts to wrestle down and tame our tongues with only one language, a system that underfunds our schools and then blames the victims for not living up to some pseudo-level of success, a system that would do all it could to deny college to someone because they were born on a different piece of the boundary-less tierra.

Oh yes, mi gente, this system will be transformed - but it will take all of us, together, working for change. Tengo esperanza pero tenemos mucho trabajo por hacer. ¡Vamos!

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