Monday, September 24, 2007

More Nooses in the News

This time in North Carolina...
Police are investigating an incident in which students and faculty said four nooses were hung from a tree at the school.

The finding occurred Friday morning at Andrews High School.

The Principal's letter to the community says the following
Counseling will be available to students as needed by GCS. Additionally, the City of High Point has worked collaboratively with the school since 2004 through the High Point Human Relations Commission to establish a school-based student commission. These students are trained and ready to assist as needed. Please make sure your children are aware that threatening acts are not acceptable. Should your child observe inappropriate behavior or have any information regarding this incident, please ask him/her to immediately notify a teacher, staff member or our school's resource officer.
I think this is a healthy way of dealing with such a charged act of hate - build coalitions with local human rights' organizations, remind everyone their shared responsibility in talking to others living in their household, and put the onus on everyone to summon the courage to inform an authority figure if they see something illegal occurring.

It's unfortunate and unacceptable that we are seeing nooses spring out of trees like putrid blooms of hate. It can end today, but only if we look inward and work outward for change.

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