Saturday, September 01, 2007

Stuff Blogging - Underwater Talk Show Diva?

Not everyone has something to blog about on Fridays. Cats are well represented, dogs (like Bud!) have their day, nudibranchs awe us with their beauty and variety each week at Phila's, there are loads of music lists everywhere and I'm sure there are plenty of other Friday blogging things that I just don't know about yet.

But, me? I got nothin'. Well, nothing specific, anyway. What I do have, though, is an internet absolutely chock full of Stuff!

And who doesn't love stuff? So, my best laid plan is to bring you weekly - or bi-weekly or whenever I get around to it - gifts of stuff I've found on the intertubes. Probably in a post updated throughout Friday, as I come across things.

Maybe I should call it Friday Junk Drawer Blogging instead?

Anyway, first've heard of, yes? They post pictures of cute animals doing cute things, all presented to you in really annoying baby talk. People love it and the site has exploded, garnering awards and interviews with the owner (I wonder if she does those in baby talk?) and I wish them much more success in the future. But I'm not here to talk about them. I am here to let people know that there is an antidote to excessive cuteness!

What else? Ugly Overload! "Giving ugly animals their day in the sun", as they put it. I find it far more interesting (if sometimes a bit gross!) than the various cute animal sites - and not just because there is NO baby talk. And even though some of the critters cause an occasional shudder and "eww!" (and this from the person posting the stuff)- they are not all ugly or creepy. Some are just a bit... different. Or outlandish looking. Or just plain fun, like the one below.

Who knew Joan Rivers had an undersea doppelganger? If I was able to come up with pithy and humorous one liners, I'd think of a good one to go here, but since I am not (I do know my limitations. Sometimes.), you'll have to supply your own.

[added] There must be something about Friday and cats. Could it be that Friday is the true Caturday? There is Friday Cat Blogging, of course, and blogs about cats and blogs for cats... so what do I find when I decide to, as I do from time to time, 'cuz it's fun, hit the "next blog" link on a blogspot blog?

A blog by cats. Really! A fairly popular one too, from the looks of things, called "I am Henry, King of Downing Street", run by Henry and his brother Clyde. And, judging from his blogroll, there seems to be an entire catosphere that I was previously unaware of. Just like the days when the question was, "where are all the women bloggers?" and someone whipped out a huge list of them, and the current days when, like clockwork, someone asks "where are all the people of color bloggers?" all while everyone was hiding in plain sight, and more huge lists appeared... so too, now, when someone asks "where are all the cat bloggers?" some smart folks will be able say... "what, are you blind? here they are!"

[whoops!] OK, so no sooner am I done posting the above when I find out that, at least right now, clicking the "next blog" link on blogspot sites may not be A Good Thing (link goes to P6, who has the story and further link).

Careful whose blog you're reading these days: Researchers have discovered the Storm Trojan nestled in hundreds of blog sites in Google's Blogger network.


Oh, also according to the story above, NO legitimate blogs were found to have this trojan, only what seem to be specially created spam blogs, so one doesn't really have to worry that much. It's just with the random clicking, you never know where you're going to wind up.

(crossposted from Stalking Sunlight, where it really WAS Friday)

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