Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nicaragua's President Takes U.S. to Task

Not surprising, as Daniel Ortega has a long history of opposition to imperialist conquests in Latin America by corporate boardrooms.

"The presidents of the U.S. change. And they may come to office with the greatest of intentions and they may feel that they are doing good for humanity, but they fail to understand that they are no more than instruments of one more empire in a long list of empires that have been imposed on our planet," Ortega said, waving his arms.

Ortega had started off addressing the central theme of this year's General Assembly meeting — climate change — but he quickly launched into a tirade against global capitalism, meandering from his notes and speaking well beyond his allotted 15 minutes.

The world is under "the most impressive, huge dictatorship that has existed — the empire of North America," he said. An "imperialist minority is imposing global capitalism to impoverish us all and impose apartheid against Latin American immigrants and against African immigrants."

Cue the U.S. media's yearly lament about the dangerous leftward tilt of Latin American politics. Last year, they were appalled at the suggestion that George Bush was el diablo (he's at least a minion, c'mon...admit your true feelings on this).

It's all so predictable.

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