Sunday, July 23, 2006

If it's Sunday this must be...

Time to see what everyone has been up to! You've probably already met the press, now meet the rest! Ahem.

Well, just for today I'm going be in awe of katiebird's goal of walking NINE MILES today! Go katie! Also, she's having an annniversary of sorts and thinking of new ways to be committed daily! Congrats, katie, you did it! Also using the Hacker's diet and other tools.

deano... art crit. Well, this morning I surfed on over there in a sort of 'pre-check' thing and first thing I came across was a painting that tricked me! I tell how and why my yet to be born career as an art critic has been doomed, in the comments. Also, scroll down, other neat stuff there.

Don't miss Ductape Fatwa's running commentary and updating of the tragedy in Lebanon. Sadly, there is something new to add every day.

You know those twirly things that they give out at birthday parties and fairs? You blow on them and they whirl around.... well, Olivia's got some! Only she calls them something else. Also in pink!

(I just also want to mention that blogger is really, really strange... but I think this is posted on the right site now... if you see this post wandering around the internet somewhere, please send it home! Thanks. sigh)

[UPDATE!] Family Man is speechless! But he uses thousands of words (some with ears!) to tell us so. Also, I'll never look at a sparkling ring the same again.

catnip has running updates of the Lebanon tragedy as well. And she calls foul (on) the words of a progressive blogger. Plus, the Sunday Food for Thought!

You ever get the feeling that the entire right wing outrage factory is a huge money scam? Duke shows us how the Minute Men seem to have forgotten for a minute where they've stashed a million or so dollars. Also, polls look at Hispanic voters.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Boran gives us a cooking lesson (gumbo, yum!) and a genetically modified food lesson all in one!

Over at dove's the conversations war and peace, speech and responsibility and identity and coalitions and stuff. For now, anyway... who knows where they are headed?

El Ranchero helps keep us updated on events and legislation related to border and immigration issues. Check in from time to time!

Here at Manny's, don't miss the congressional pony show, and photo ops that ignore the humanity beyond the scenery. Well, and Bud. Can't ignore Bud.

All done? I think!

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