Sunday, July 30, 2006

Taking it Eegee in the eegeehood

I am running out of titles and puns! But never fear, neither rain, or sleet nor punnilessness will prevent the Sunday tour from going on! Well, most times.

Anyway, it's that time again and I just know everyone is ready and has on all their Sunday best, so here goes!

I notice people have been wondering what Bud is looking for, in the post right below this one. Well, duh! I know the answer to that! Being the super-duper detective beagle basset hound (who knew!?) that he is, he's looking for the new hoodians who've shown up in comments! Bud tracked them down, sniffed them out, and didn't let them out of his sight... one person even says I'm being followed by a Moonflower, Moonflower...", which I doubt Bud has ever been called! When I tell you that you otherwise know this person as Iowa Victory Gardener, it'll come as no shock that he has... well... Gardening Surprises! (covers Olivia's eyes)... Lots of lovely flowers but, sadly, no bugs!

Also, look it's spiderleaf! She says she doesn't spend all that much time posting on her site, but I know all about being a Bad Blogger and I don't think that should disqualify anyone! What she does write is great stuff.

James (who I somehow forgot last weekend! gasp!) is apparently on the road again and quoting Gandhi. He also welcomes us to history as farce, courtesy of the 21st century. Also a short book review of what looks like a Very Interesting Book!

[UPDATE!] Ductape has important updates and thoughts on what is going on in Lebanon, including the recent Qana massacre.

Train them up in the hate they should show and when they are older... Duke highlights a frightening story of children being taught (by the Boy Scouts!) to be human hunters. The more things change, sigh. Also, immigrants are not to blame for the heathcare crisis.

catnip tells us that all of a sudden, Condi is worried about her reputation. Can't imagine why... also, Lebanon updates. No Sunday Food for Thought yet, though!

Whew, I think it's time for Family Man! You say there's nothing good on TV anymore? Well, um... it's true! Also pictures! And don't look a gift brother in the weed eater.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] boran has put his Saturday Painting Palooza on his site! And it looks like wild horses dragged him there! So now we can follow the progression, yay! Also, speaking of horses... horses heads in pools... ugh.

Oh dear, about Olivia... I don't know what to say! She's gone buggy, she's gone to the birds and now.... well, just go look! Sometimes it IS easy being green, it seems. Also, this little guy needs a Time Out! If that doesn't look just like a kid with its mouth wide open, yelling... And don't forget the bouquet!

Lot's happening at dove's... supersoling gives a little background on why civilians indeed are targeted in wars and dove tells us about the Grocer's Daughter - first in a series. More ongoing conversations there as well, scroll down!

katiebird is talking about successful losers! We all know some of them, although maybe not quite the sort she means ;) . Plus, she has the skinny on bagels and the expanding portion sizes of food! And lots more, including being committed daily. Go read!

I'm guessing an eye in a sailboat... what do you think? I bet deano knows, but he's not telling!

All done! (I think... if I've forgotten anyone, let me know!)

Oh! And this might be a job for the super-duper detective basset hound... domo has confessed to keeping Manny hostage for the weekend! We must rescue him! Come on, Bud!

... Bud? um... Bud? (Looks like Bud is being held hostage too... oh well!)

P.S. Bud has informed me that I Don't Know Dogs! Or flowers, or um... lots of other stuff, sigh. Anyway though, wouldn't a dog by any other name still be as cute?

P.S.S I messed up something or other when changing Bud from a beagle to a basset hound, but I think I got it all put back! Well, as far as I can remember it, lol.

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