Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday "pat, pat, pat" Tour!

It's that time again, where we wander the breadth and depth of Eegeedom, seeking out pearls of wisdom here, a laugh there and something to think about everywhere.

It's been a rough week... in the news, on the blogs, and in many ways, but there is some good news!

XicanoPwr is back home, and his grandmother has rallied and is like the phoenix, rising from the ashes! He also makes some very good points about healthcare in this country for those who are voiceless.

katiebird is also talking about healthcare, as well as ladders and mini meals! And, she's looking for feedback on being as strong as she needs to be. I, in my impartial and disinterested way (cough) think it's pretty cool! Let her know what you think.

Duke once again breaks it all down for us, this time about Republican schizophrenia. Okay, okay...not all of it... schizophrenia on the immigration issue. Also, somewhere I think I read he had a fairly recent birthday? If so, Happy Late Birthday, Duke! Or early, as the case may be.

[UPDATE!] James is gone again, but he's left us weekend reading on a big word! Lots of stuff there... scroll down.

Ductape has some somber words and pictures that defy description, defy excuse.

The second art piece in a row that I can tell what it is! deano is back (but busy) with more to see!

In which Family Man puts a can of pineapple on his porch and declares... "I am the goat!" Also, Family Mom code talking.

Aha! skippy thinks they get to choose which stories are highlighted on the tour. Little does he (they?) know, but just because someone writes a wonderful eulogy for Red Buttons, doesn't mean we'll point to it. So there.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Okay guys, this is the thing... Olivia has gone to the birds! Also, poppies every which way, including up. Well, every which way except that way, so don't even think it!

dove has a couple of ongoing conversations that have people's heads spinning (but no pea soup, I promise!). And one where words just don't seem enough.

Our own Manny also has (what should be) an ongoing conversation, right here, on the political will for peace. Once we find (or create) that, the rest will fall into place. Pretty much.

[UPDATE THE LAST! i think] Boran is preparing for an invasion! But not by ordering pizza.

And I have to tell you about catnip. It's like this... she... she... well, she doesn't have a Sunday Food for Thought! There, I got it out. Whew! But... she does have running updates on the tragedy in the Middle East, and lots of news besides. Scroll down, lots of stuff!

[UPDATE SORTA IN THE MIDDLE BUT NOT REALLY!] catnip has done a very thought provoking Food for Thought!

ILJ has a podcast interview with Brooklyn's Progressive Conscience that sounds interesting, along with information about a much watched congressional disctrict race going on there.

All Done! (maybe)

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