Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pew Hispanic Survey Results

Lefty Latino, another Arizona-based blogger, gives the shakedown on the numbers

A recent national survey from the Pew Hispanic Survey, surveyed 2,000 Latinos across the country to ask them their opinion on the recent immigration debate. The survey found some interesting information.

Some of the points were:
-Latinos are feeling more discrimated against since the immigration debate started early this year
-Latinos are feeling more politically energized
-Latinos are feeling more unified toward a comprehensive immigration resolution
-Latinos feel that Republican Party are to blame for the negative consequences that the immigration debate has caused against Latinos.

Go read the rest of the post for more information from the survey report.

As I said in a comment at LL's site, I hope it's true that there is renewed political energy. The Latino population has historically voted in shameful percentages compared to other demographic groups, but the recent empowerment through grassroots groups and events are the best way to turn that around.

The draconian immigration bills flirted through the Hill are a direct affront to families. When you take a direct hit to the corazon like that, it's no wonder the streets were filled in the Spring. Now the key to blowing back their hateful measures is to make sure we show up in high numbers at the ballot box in the fall.

The We Are America Alliance is working to make that political dream a reality with Voter Registration Toolkits and Workshop Outlines to educate the people. I firmly believe the country will be better off with a more engaged populace. It's common sense.

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