Sunday, July 09, 2006

strolling through the stomping grounds!

Just in case anyone forgot, it's Sunday today! And I hope everyone not only has on their Sunday best, but their walking shoes too, cuz we have places to go, blogs to see and .. and... um, I forget the rest.

No matter, here we go!

Olivia has a medley for us! She calls it a stroll through the garden, but we know what it really is! Go look, scroll around and see the pretty flowers and sign the petition for more bugs!

James is going to be out of town, but he's put up some good stuff before he left! With all the other stuff they have to worry about, Iraq's unions are also under fire. Also, a book review type thingy! It looks very interesting, too. And lost more besides so follow the links then start from the top.

Ductape has updated his site! And so quietly, too, I bet few noticed ;). Good comments there, as well.

katiebird is back to discussing the Hacker's Diet! And no, it's not about smokers or unauthorized computer entry or or anything. What IS it about? Well, that's what katie tells you! Also, congrats to her, her last 3D people meeting was a big success, with new people and repeat members. Yay!

[UPDATE!] deano needs some noisemakers! Or has some noisemakers. Or something... whatever you do, don't go to the TheBroth site! Okay, well you can go, but don't say I didn't warn you...

catnip's Sunday Food for Thought might have you seeing stripes! Also, the murders of Abeer and Hadeel and their family may have long shadows. And, bloggity-oh-my-goodness!

Keoni wonders "whose century is the 21st century?" And lots more! Including introducing me to a new term for... borrowing, maybe? Finding out about from? You decide!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Family Man notices that, indeed, there are not skinny millionaires running around everywhere, and this causes him to question the news. Also, last Sunday he snuck nekkid people in there and somehow we missed it! No bugs tho, oddly.

XicanoPwr has been following the Mexican election closely, but he's got to be away for a bit. Sounds like he's going to need some friendly and comforting words when he comes back, so drop by.

Boran2 has solved a great mystery for me! Namely.... what in the world is a hackyack? His has an extra added attraction tho ;).

[UPDATE THE LAST! maybe] skippy has skippyish stuff! And lefty blog despots that no one's ever heard of (if a despot falls on the net and no one knows who you are, does this mean we get ice cream?)

Also, at my little Stalking Sunlight blog, I am trying not to be a Bad Blogger! So, I am starting a series and if I say it out loud that means I have to actually write it. Right?

[UPDATE THE LAST! (again)] dove is in right under the wire with a wowee kazowee! Alex, looking glasses and acceptable things.

All done! (I think... if I missed anyone, let me know!)

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