Friday, July 14, 2006

Treating "the Illegals" Like Livestock

Oftentimes the words I speak are harsh and cynical, and I sincerely wish that in the future [some of] the things I say would never see the light of day. For example, last week in passing I wrote the following:
Then again, the Minutemen are thugs who probably denote equality to the terms "Mexican livestock" and "Mexicans".
Hardy har. Those extremist vigilantes, look how far out into wackoland they are! Surely a member of the United States Congress wouldn't agree.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) went on the House floor on Tuesday to discuss a fence that he “designed” for the southern boarder. (King constructed a model of the fence as he was speaking.) King’s design features a wire electrified “with the kind of current that would not kill somebody.” King noted that “we do this with livestock all the time.” Watch it:

ThinkProgress has the transcript in addition to the video link posted above.

Someone make the idiocy stop. Please. I've had enough. Haven't you?

If you have, start supporting the Border Action Network or We Are America Alliance who are railing against this widespread extremism. Attend a meeting, send donations, DO SOMETHING, to help end the demise of human rights along la frontera.

If you're more inclined to use the political process, here's the webpage for Joyce Schulte (D) who is opposing madman minuteman congressman Steve King in November. His viewes are dangerous and outrageous. I'm sick of him and his ilk.


[UPDATE] Duke1676 in the comments lists other reprehensible actions by Republican Rep. Steve King. Also, Prog Dem shares the link to their homepage

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