Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday blogiversary tour!

Okay, so we're a little late, but we get there! It's Sunday and everyone has had plenty of time to get ready, so here we come! Also, at the last update I have a little non-eegeehood treat for you guys... but, you'll have to wait!

First up... it's Manny's blogiversary! (Well, yesterday was, but who says blogiversaries only get to last one day?) That would be this blog, that you are reading now. Congrats to him! And us too! He tells how it all started in the post right below this one.

Also, yesterday being July 1st, it was also the start of Democracy Summer! Duke has all the inside info on that, as well as a possible 14 million new voters. Now that could make a difference.

Have you ever passed by a field and seen those huge rolled up round things of hay and wondered... how did they do that? And why? Well FamilyMan tells us how it worked when he was a kid! Also there is a barn in the story, so it's no use resisting. Plus, he's bravely volunteered to figure out an icecream machine and eat all his mistakes while somehow avoiding traffic jams and kids bursting with... well... ! Poor guy.

catnip has an important Sunday Food for Thought and also she's not feeling so hot, so send her your good thoughts and wishes!

Today was the day of the presidential election in Mexico... and if you want a very well done primer on who the candidates are, what a win for each would mean and so on scoot on over to XicanoPwr's place, cuz he has one! In Spanish and English! It's great when things are all laid out so clearly, especially for those unfamiliar with all the ins and outs.

[UPDATE!] Olivia's got an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow pol - .... okay, no dots. What? Don't blame me, I said nothing at all about beekinis! And there's much more beauty there to be seen... go look!

Boran2 wants to believe (me too!). Also, he highlights some of the "important stuff" the media expends resources on. Sigh.

James is using big words that I don't recognize! But whatever it is, he's got one for us this weekend, and it contains some warnings and some history too! Also, the relationship between military SERE training and torture.

Soaring osprey, a big beautiful river... Sallycat went on vacation and even though she didn't take us, she brought some of it back to show!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] What would we do without visiting family? Have more time, for one thing! katiebird is on her last day of having company, but the visit didn't keep her from being committed daily! Neither rain, nor hail nor 95 degree (in the shade!) temps will either!

And dove addresses Core Warrior Values, in her inimitable way. Also, speaking of family visits, dove (and others!) have been wondering... where's poco? Probably the parental units are still visiting and absorbing lots of time!

Yes, well... don't look at deano's new pic before bed! It's fingerpainting though, which I've always found fun.

Funnily enough, I went from deano's pic to ILJ's pic and thought... hmmm! ILJ discusses the politics of war with ... (sort of in a 'yes, he's dead, but still' kind of way) Tip O'Neill.

Look who's here on the Eegian Neighborhood (y, wectp!) tour! It's skippy! Something I bet you didn't know about skippy... he coined the term blogtopia! You've gotta start at the top and read down, some great (and funny!) stuff there.

[UPDATE THE LAST!] I think I got everybody (who has new stuff up), so this means we can go on to the special, non eegehood treat! I'm sure you'll all be as excited as I am to find... an elephant orchestra (wav file)! Yes, indeed, it's true! And there are more of them too, that play instruments or make artwork. You realize what this means, don't you? Well, since people communicate through music and art, maybe one day....

All done!

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