Friday, July 28, 2006

Immigration News Roundup

Someone give me the red pill, I don't want to know about the matrix anymore. Sometimes it hurts too much.
Rescuers called off the search Thursday for four illegal immigrants believed to have died when they were swept down a flooded tunnel connecting the twin cities of Nogales.

The search lasted more than seven hours.

Rescuers followed the wash about 10 miles north of the border, but could not locate the four and called off the search about 1 p.m., officials said.

"If they are there, they are not alive," Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada said. "It's possible the bodies got stuck in the mud and could surface again during another storm. We've found people like that before." - linkage
Ramon Sanchez, a former immigration official is going to get the dishonor of being made a national example. It reminds me of the way dissenters were strung up in the city square during the times of the old west as a warning to others that they better not mess with the status quo.
A former immigration officer was sentenced to 120 days of home confinement for harboring an illegal immigrant, his wife.

Ramon M. Sanchez Jr., a 42-year-old former detention officer with the Department of Homeland Security in Tucson, pleaded guilty Oct. 28 to harboring Flor Lilianan Velasco-Barrera and her 10-year-old son, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Sanchez had been charged with nine counts related to illegally transporting and harboring an illegal immigrant. - linkage (emphasis mine)
And from the crazy whackjob that brought the atrocity Prop 200 to the state of Arizona, yet another hydra-head to kill.
Phoenix officials have approved the ballot language for a proposed initiative that asks voters whether they want city officials, including police officers, to enforce federal immigration laws.


Would "require all officials, agencies, and personnel of the city of Phoenix, including the Phoenix Police Department, to cooperate with and assist federal immigration authorities in enforcing immigration laws within the boundaries of the city." - linkage
Nevada joins the list of states assisting with the militarization of la frontera.
About 130 members of the Nevada Army and Air National Guard leave Saturday for duty along the Arizona-Mexico border as part of Operation Jump Start, designed to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States.


Bush said the mission will free up thousands of officers now on other duties to actively patrol the border. Guardsmen are building fences and conducting routine surveillance. - linkage (emphasis mine)
So much for the line they fed the media that the Guard would only be doing repair work on the Great Wall™ and access roads. "Routine surveillance" mi nalga, I guess that's why they need firearms.

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