Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Come One, Come All Delurk for a Day Tour!

That's right! There were confessions of extreme lurkdom (not to be confused with slackdom) in the previous thread, so this week it's incumbent on everyone to delurk! And we have just the tool to make sure you do... it's something so terrifying, so monumental that the thought of being the focus of it just fills people with dread.

But we can't allow that to deter us this week... it's time to break out the wonderful, the terrible, the most effective tool in our online arsenal...

It doesn't matter if you are new or old, or even if you are just visiting! I'm very sorry but no one escapes....


Dear Everyone,

Please say hi.


Whew! Sorry to have to do that to y'all, but sometimes you just gotta do what a tourguide's gotta do. If you agree with the petition, please sign your name. This includes dove.

If everyone has recovered from the shock, we'll go on to the tour now!

ILJ has another podcast interview, this time with Thom Hartmann! A dynamic voice for the aggrieved middle class, he says (and boy, is it ever!). Go listen and read!

Buenos tardes! Oh... what? That'll get me put in jail? The way things are going, I wouldn't wonder... XP highlights the attempts to criminalize all Spanish speakers and immigrants. Also a poignant mourning for and activist attempts to save historic ethnic districts from "gentrification".. this time, El Paso's historic El Segundo barrio!

I think supersoling needs a hug! Or at least a hi... it's been a time of music and drama queens, it seems!

James thinks it's time to embrace connectiveness... he has a neat compiliation of reasons, too! Also, read more banned books! It's good for you.

[UPDATE!] Gasp. deano is running on empty! He has no art! And you know what they say happens when deano has no art.... -- yes, exactly! And we don't want that to happen, do we!? So, if you know of artists, know of people who want to get their art out there (and have it critiqued... the site IS, after all, the art crit), then send them to deano! Or deano to them! Let's band together to end artlessness!


Family Man is being the strong, silent type and is giving us photos (of that gorgeous pond, some in the rain, some in the fog... I am jealous) instead of updates on Family Mom! We'll just assume that things are pretty much going along as these things do... healing, but taking its time to do so. Also, he's compiled the recent wonderful series on labor that was on BooTrib.

Congressman Peter King is apparently a friend only until the chips are in his pocket... then, watch out! Duke highlights his perfidy. Also, racist endorsements of this guy were apparently too much even for Republicans!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Guess what! It's about katiebird... should I tell? hmmm. Yes! Not only has she been delurking, and not only is she firmed daily, and not only is she still nosy, wanting to know what you are going to do today... but now she she wants to tax your brain! On Sunday! No, no... not that kind of tax, a penny for your thoughts... she has a crossword puzzle! That she made herself, and it's really fun. Go see!

Olivia is brazenly displaying awkwrightii's inner bits! And that's all I'll say about that. Also, greedy (and lovely) delicacy, and replacing the sun on a bright day!

Well, I was beginning to think that everyone was gruntled, serene and all was right with the web... but, I was wrong! Whew! There is finally more META at Mo Betta!

Speaking of catnip, she speaks of the voices of the tortured and wonders what it will take? Also, she wonders if the RCMP Commissioner is being muzzled? Seems more than one person thinks so, regarding the Arar case. It wouldn't surprise me, if so!

[UPDATE THE LAST! I think] Boran has made progress on our car! It's taking on depth and the background is coming into focus. Soon, we'll have the finished product! Also, those pesky judges keep saying "uh uh... no you don't!" to Bushco and foiling their plans! Yay for them! And I bet you can't guess who was voted off the island this time!

Facts on the ground - dollars in the pocket... Arcturus ties some loose threads together and comes up with quite a tapestry!

And right here, our Manny's a concern troll! Yay for him, I am too! And a purity troll as well, of course. Would there were more of us, eh? Plus I think some may have missed scribe's excellent other hate piece (cuz of deep in lurkdomness) so go see it this time around!

All done! I think... some haven't updated and let me know if I've missed anyone.

Use this as an Open Delurking and Saying Hi Thread!

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