Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Tour - Late Edition!

Does this mean there was an early edition? Nope! It just means that I'm late! For a very important date! (I'll spare you the rabbit impression).

So, without further ado (but much more to do), let's tour!

Have you seen katie's site since it's all done? Way cool, I love it! Had to figure out where the links are now, but still... some things haven't changed, though! She's still nosey! Now she wants to know if you've been waiting to start a project. Apparently being firmed daily can help with that! Also (now don't be scared, but.. ) she's looking into more ways to getting committed! Maybe you can help :)

James has a post of AG's that is very important, so you'll definitely want to read it! Also, our voting is in Big Trouble. Other stuff too, start at the top and read down to see the funny pictures!

Good news! Family Mom is doing better! whew! Although she's still in pain (hurts like that take time to heal, for sure). And Family Man's back may be improving... no doubt in no small part due to the fact that he was convinced to actually allow a cleaning lady come in and help, even though there is no way she would do as good a job as he does!

[UPDATE!] Be careful when peeking at bugs, cuz the bugs are peeking back at you! Only with tinier eyes! Also, I'm absolutely positive that Olivia wasn't howling, no matter what anyone says! Wave hi!

Janet has new peace vigil pictures! And also links too prior ones, so that you can access them all in one place... cool! Tis an amazing variety of faces and cultures that make up the world of those working for peace.

Intrepid Liberal Journal has an interview with a controversial (and contrarian!) professor. And wishful thinking and dreaming? Maybe not!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Strawberry postcards forever... oh, that's not how the song goes? Oh well, go look at the art at deano's anyway! See if you agree.

Hmmm.... flowerevangelism? I think Iowa Victory Gardener is trying to balance out Olivia's petalporn! Also, he is impressed with Mina Lobata and I bet you will be too! Lots more there too, if you haven't visited for a while, start at the top and scroll down! (he's got flutterbies).

I think catnip's Sunday Food for Thought is hopeful in the end, but I'm not sure! Also, a good thing! Or, at least a good start... investigations into the Kafkaesque experience of one Canadian who had a plane change in NYC and wound up imprisoned in Syria.

[UPDATE THE LAST ! (i think)] Arcturus has a cool story up (and pics!) about the oldest writing found in America. Guess how old!? I told Arcturus that some of his posts reminded me of what is apparently a video montage.. you know, where snippets of seemingly unrelated pictures and sound and words flash across a screen, the whole of it telling a story? Well, check out this one (whose full title I have to put, cuz it's so neat)- "newspapers which are not real life but real life with the reality left out". Also, Mordechai Vanunu and Bilal Hussein!

Duke is reporting on Republicans! He says they've got the headgear, but not the herd! Also, you know Pat Buchanan? Well, we've always known he was full of it, but now studies have proven it!

Boran is still working on our cool car! Now, it looks almost like a photo from the 50's, with the sepia toning. I kinda like it just like that, but I know there is more to be done! And what do you say when you come across someone wearing this? Whew! I almost thought no one was voted off the island this week, but I was wrong.... So and so... yer outta here! Go see who it is!

Our Manny has been blogging up a storm! And he wonders who broke the blog, duh! Bud says it wasn't him... and it wasn't me either! This time. I love ballet folklorico! Not only are the costumes wonderful, but you just can't keep your own feet still. Also, lots more... scroll down! scroll down!

All done! I think... some haven't updated ... and the petitions for no one in particular are not quite ready yet... maybe next week! If I've forgotten anyone, let me know.

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