Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lazy Sunday Sauntering Tour

We are just not going to rush this week, and that's all there is to it. Finally, it's cooler here, supposed to get only to the mid 80s.. .just for one day! And then back to the high 90s... so I'm going to relax and enjoy the breeze. You can too!

So, who's first? Aha! In the spirit of not moving very far very quickly, we'll just stay right here for the moment. (scroll down! scroll down!) scribe has an excellent (as usual) essay on flags, the American Dream, and actual freedom. Perfect for a Sunday read. Keep scrolling! Manny has a piece about death in the desert and the death of human compassion and voices of the voiceless.

The incredible, edible e... I mean... deano. The art crit... wait til you see what he has in store for us this week! Is it not always amazing, thought provoking or just downright different? Eggzactly!

Woohoo! katiebird has a new look! No, no, not only skinny jeans and bikinis! She's rolling in the green, fresh and bright and inspiring. Also, even though she does talk about the first step to commitment, she's no longer being committed daily! This might be a relief, except she's now being a firm every day! Bizzy!

[UPDATE!] Guess who's been filling our screens with bugs, petal porn and amazing things for a year now!? That's right! It's Olivia's blogiversary and boy are we glad she decided to share the beauty and life she sees through her camera lens us. Happy Blogiversary!

And speaking of celebrations, in addition to having a really thoughtful Sunday Food for Thought, catnip also just had a birthday! A people one, not a blog one. For some odd reason people keep having birthday's in the middle of the week, instead of making them all on Saturday or Sunday, but we can handle it! Happy Birthday, catnip! Also, Rice is still lying, after all of these years. And lots more besides!

AND looks who's appeared in the neighborhood! At least, if you count the night sky as part of the neighborhood, and why wouldn't you? Arcturus has taken the plunge and set up shop at Constellations! A very fun blog too, chock full of stuff I didn't know, written by people I've never heard of, but who say things I wouldn't want to miss. Give him a visit and a hello! Bring casseroles (not green beans and onion chips - or whatever, tho... people don't really eat that, do they?) and bundt cake!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Great Scott! You know how some people can go on a road trip... start out, drive for a few hours, get there, do whatever, sleep on it, then drive again to get home, and that's that? Well... Family Man isn't one of them! The good news is... Family Mom is home and is resting as comfortably as possible (seeing the docs next week). We wish her (and FM's back,)_ the best! And maybe next time, they'll just send a card! Also, FM is podcasting! Just a tiny bit, so far, but I can't wait til he starts doing entire posts.

Speaking of podcasts, ILJ has a podcast interview with congressional candidate Chris Owens of Brooklyn! Really neat to use that technology for citizen journalism. Also, he has a very important piece that didn't make it onto the tour last week, but is well worth your time this week, on Taking Genocide Personally.

spiderleaf is done boycotting her blog! She doesn't drop in often, but she does drop in powerfully... this time with a haunting poem that says so much about these time we're living in.

XP is not letting the Mexican court and their Orwellian decisions fly under the radar! Read how they are now trying to downplay the election irregularities.

[UPDATE THE LAST! maybe] James wonders where's the disconnect? Something to do with Lenin's Tomb, consequences to Americans of policies, Chomsky and change! Also, Manny has a question over there (here too, but still). Do you have an answer? And while Bush is trying to convince everyone that there are Hitler's under every bed... the one James found just might be!

Whew, Duke is fixed. In a good way! (see Eegee Board). And he's talking the house republicans last ditch effort to avert defeat... by tackling immigrants. Also, a Colorado candidate with a bizarre proposal. Told ya he always finds the nutty ones.

Yay, Boran has returned this week to the painting of the neato keeno car! It's really coming along. Also, he's kicking the rat off the sunken ship! Er... island! Oh, and hey... Olivia has competition! Very interesting pic.

I can't just pick one thing from supersoling's, so you'll have to go there and scroll down. He's got music and sail boats! I love sail boats, although I don't love sailing. I don't think... a Californian I may be, but I like to just wave at the water from safely on shore. It's almost like being there, though, watching the videos!

Ductape is convinced that cell phones are the new Barbie. And somehow he has gotten a long, hugely entertaining article out of dressing up cell phones, and of course getting the equivalent of the Barbie convertible. Perfect Sunday reading!

At Mo Betta META spiderleaf says.... "well, DUH!" . In so many words. Great rant about being taken by surprise by something so predictable. Go read it!

All Done! I think... some haven't updated but if there is anyone else I've missed, just let me know!

Use this as an Open Thread.

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