Thursday, September 07, 2006

Racial Profiling by the Border Patrol

An interesting topic-starter by columnist Mona Darwich-Gatto of the Arizona Daily Star, who also writes the blog Salaam Sahuarita. Recently, she and her husband crossed through one of the numerous border patrol checkpoints that litter southern Arizona (this one was on the way back from Tombstone). Mona describes the full account how the border patrol agent she encountered took it upon himself to ask her additional questions beyond "what is your citizenship?".

As someone who is constantly profiled at checkpoints and given extra look-overs anytime I pass through the Nogales port of entry when I'm across the line for food or drinks, I have pretty strong feelings on this subject but wanted to throw her question out there to anyone who reads this site.
My husband was bothered about my being profiled. We have divergent opinions on the subject. I think if one has nothing to hide, profiling is OK as long as law enforcement doesn't overdo it, but it is hard to define "overdoing it."

My husband feels that profiling is wrong and in the long term is not effective.

So, since I have mixed feelings on the subject, what do you think about racial profiling in airports and checkpoints? Can it be helpful or just cause more anger? Do you care?

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