Friday, September 15, 2006

Mariachi y Ballet Folklórico

A Mexico with bundle of tassels. And engraved silver

A Mexico with ears of corn, brown-skinned people.

A Mexico, of fairs, of candy skulls.

Tame, quiet, wild, incongruous, strident, lighthearted.

The Mexico of ancient ruins, churches made of gold and shadows. And gardens of bougainvillea and tropical flowers.

The Mexico from yesterday and today, of beautiful songs and dances, born from ruins created between the black braids of the natives, screams, weeping, silence, songs.

Pure expression of our roots, that convert themselves into reality though the sentiment of a great lady. - Amalia Hernández, director of Ballet Folklórico de Mexico

The YouTube video below features Mariachi Vargas de Tecatlitlan, who are respected as the best of the best. The group has existed for over a hundred years and their rich history is directly responsible for mariachi music being shared across the world.

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