Sunday, September 03, 2006

Party Time in the Eegeehood Tour!

It's that time! In addition to being Sunday, which apparently comes about every week, it's also Manny's birthday and that only happens once a year! Happy Birthday, Manny! If the felicitations are spelled wrong, blame Family Man! Cuz I, um... borrowed his text, as it already had the little ~ thingy and the upside down exclamation mark! Talk about a time saver... ;).

Anyway, let's see what everyone else is doing. I know, I know... boy, are we nosy!

catnip's Sunday Food for Thought is about questions, questions, and few answers! Or rather... the answers one gets may not be the answers that one should exactly trust. Isn't that always the way? Also, I'm thinking the Pentagon is playing a few things (and lives!) for effect.

James is talking about Christianity vs. American Christianity... which seems to be a whole different kettle of fish. Also, Katrina, YouTube and Spike Lee's documentary. Bring Kleenex! And there's lots more stuff there too, he's been bizzy!

XP has gone into the prediction business! Okay, well not exactly, but he tells us about the coming Labor Day immigration marches, and gives us four likely scenarios of what will happen next. We'll be watching to see which one is right! Also, for the first time since... I don't know when, the President of Mexico was unable to give his speech! Just about anytime a politician is prevented from bloviating, it seems to me that would be a good thing, but with this one there is just a little bit extra. Read about it!

Gasp. Boran is tricking us! Just when you think that we're going to see the next progression in the cool car painting, what does he do? He paints a picture of a Sedona scene! Since it is a cool one, we'll let him off the hook though.... this time! Also, Buscho is foiled again in their efforts to completely trash the environment. Yay!

[UPDATE!] katiebird is nosy too! She wants to know what you are going to do today! And, if you thought the Y2K stuff was bad, just wait til you see how people handle this dilemma! katie has declared that New Years is now in September and that's that. Bossy! Also, finding inspiration and self control in different places!

You know... sometimes I just have to wonder about Family Man's family. (Not to mention Family Man). They come up with the most um... interesting! gifts. Like this one. It's a ... a... well, you know it's... okay, so you'll just have to go see for yourself. I guess it's better than a tie or house slippers! Also, poor Family Man's back is out and he's moving kinda turtlelike. I know how that is... OWW!

Over at dove's place ( and crossposted at HB) I have a little essay up about things some remember us by, sigh.

Oh my gosh! Olivia has gone and done it this time. No, really... this time I mean it. LOOK! She's trying to pretend that this is a flower! As if we couldn't see for ourselves that it is a plush silk pillow, with satin piping. Or one of those Christmas candies. We have eyes! Also, these seem to almost be providing their own light. Whew! back to familiar stuff.... a bug is telling someone secrets. Either that, or talking into the wrong end of a megaphone!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] over at skippy's (you know... the anti-cap letter kangaroo!), skippy has the fallout from the banning of pluto from the planets! also, homeland insecurity caught on tape and a new katrina outrage!

supersoling has been studying the Haymarket Tragedy, in preparation for his part in the upcoming Labor series, and has learned some new things, and asks some new questions. Looks like an interesting conversation to join! Also, the song of the day.

Whoa... Duke looks more professional each time I visit his site... I wonder when his TV debut will be? Again he's found crazy people... this time a Colorado politician that wants to instate the draft.... but wait til you see what for! Also, immigrant power is growing... Duke sets out the new evidence!

What's a rant site without a rant!? I ask you... but no need to answer that this week cuz Ductape has a fine rant up at Mo Betta META! And once you are done ranting, it's time for the thinking cap and a nice strong cup of coffee, cuz there is much to chew on here in Arcturus's post on social ecologist Murray Bookchin!

Tea time! Okay, so it's not named that, but that's what this painting at deano's makes me think of. And this painting too! Well no, I don't mean that one reminds me of tea time, just that it is also there to comment on! You can do that in comments. Plus, deano asks a question!

All done! (I think... some people haven't updated since last time, but if I've forgotten anyone let me know!)

Use this as an Open Thread.

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