Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Special Thanks to Pima County Supervisors

Well, except for one of them (surprise, surprise - it's a Republican)
Pima County will continue to pay for water stations in the desert to aid illegal border crossers.

The Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 1 Tuesday to give $25,000 from the contingency fund to Humane Borders, which maintains 80 water stations in Southern Arizona and northern Mexico.

This is the sixth year Pima County has funded the stations.

Most of the money goes to maintain and operate a fleet of water trucks, driven by volunteers who test, sterilize and replenish water supplies every day.

Supervisor Ann Day voted no.

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I just finished sending of a thank you note to the four Supervisors who voted for humanity. As for the other one, she is getting a Howler.
Dear Supervisor Day:

I was appalled to learn that you voted "No" recently to continue county funding for water stations that serve as last-resort lifesavers for undocumented border crossers. How can you sleep at night knowing that you put political calculation and cold-hearted hate above basic human decency?

Comprehensive reform of the U.S. immigration system is something that is sought by all involved parties in the debate, but everyone should be united in the fact that humanitarian aid be provided and offered to anyone in distress who's in our area regardless of legal status.

Would you refuse water to a member of your family who was on the verge of death by dehydration? I would hope not, but your decision to vote against offering that same type of assistance speaks volumes to your elitism. If this type of basic assistance is good enough for U.S.-born Americans, then it should be good enough for any human being in need.

Think about that the next time you side with the likes of Roy Warden, who is an avowed racist and purveyor of hate speech. Your constituents ought to be ashamed that you, their employee, would be so callous with human life.


[Man Eegee], an angry Tucsonan
If you would like to contact any of the Pima County Supervisors regarding this vote, their individual web pages can be found here.

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