Sunday, December 03, 2006

Always on Sunday! (well, almost)

Yep, it's that time again and your humble tour guide (I have just this week decided that I am humble, and I think it's up to everyone to recognize that. Yay me!)... anyway, your humble tour guide is here to lead us on our nosy way!

First, y'all watch out cuz catnip says Yes, the Women Are Angry! And you know what that means, don't you? You'll just have to read it to find out! Also, she's starting a holiday tradition (at least, I think it should be one) with the re-posting of her The Poor Person's Guide to Gift Giving, which has not only important thoughts, but important and practical suggestions! And, of course it wouldn't be Sunday without... yep, you guessed it! The... the... gasp. It's not there! (Maybe it really insn't Sunday?). Lots else is tho, so go read!

ILJ has been bizzy, bizzy since we last visited! Not only does he want An Atheist Candidate For President (sounds good to me!), but he highlights World AIDS Day with links to a moving, and very real, story. Also, he celebrates the return of lefty blogger Bob Higgins.

supersoling is asking difficult questions before breakfast! Okay, well, at least before dinner. I think this could be a tremendously interesting conversation on early, decimated Native American societies (and, as applicable, others) and Banning Abortion to Save a Society.

[UPDATE!] Oof! Nezua takes a question from a google search (and what a question, ack!) and gives it the attention it deserves in his hilarious (and thought provoking) new series, Ask Nezua! Also shedding light and much detail on a story the White House is trying to suppress. Lots more there too, of course, but for now... smile and Dance!

Over at Migra Matters, Duke deconstructs the term "guest worker", bringing up many things I've wondered about, and answering other questions. Time to stop using terms imposed on us by others, I think!

Boran has stopped keeping secrets! He's letting us know all about the ArtFair, which is apparently going to happen in early January, at BMT. Also, our painting is coming along nicely, even if Boran has moved the plants out of the parking lot, making it a concrete jungle! Also, island farewells!

The Canadian Blog Awards people have no consideration for Sunday tour guides. They are making us wait ALL DAY to find out if Olivia has made the finalists or 3rd round or whatever is coming up. Personally, I feel like frowning and smiling at the same time too! Don't miss the calla lilies - the deep pink one was up the first time I visited Olivia's blog - a definite "WOW!" photo.

[UPDATE AGAIN! ] Family Man needs milk! (and cookies!). And lots of rest, even though his new slacking regimen involves... wait for it... exercise! gasp. Take care of yourself, Family Man, so that you can get back to slacking in earnest.

Deano art! By Deano himself! (He tried to trick us by saying it was by someone named Dean... no o!). A very drawing that is a prelim for a larger project he might do... he' s asking for input! Also, very leggy Tango Dancers!

Original James is getting organized! Getting his posts and categories and stuff in order - after a long time writing things, I bet that's quite a job! Start at the top and read down! It's very convenient having all the themes in one place like that, well done! No new things at Jazzy James at the moment, but that makes it a perfect time to wander through and see all the stuff you missed! Some amazing finds there.

Also, we've successfully moved servers at HB, and things are running faster now, thank goodness! Most of the areas are updated, plus, in our arts and entertainment area we are starting a blog just for that section. A group blog, either discussing or highlighting various arts and artists, music, books, writing, literature, poetry and all that stuff, anything to do with those sorts of topics, from an international and multicultural point of view. It's not there yet (partially because we are still reorganizing, but also cuz I need to find the group! ), but if anyone is interested or has questions, just let me know (nanette at humanbeams dot com) . I think it will be fun!

Also, your humble (did I mention how humble I am?... nothing at all to do with what tarot card I am, I assure you!) has contacts! and those contacts told her that nominations for the Koufaxes, the lefty blogger awards thingy, will be opening in about 2 weeks! So, people should start figuring out who they are going to nominate for what right now.

All done! I think... if I've forgotten anyone (some haven't updated) just let me know! I have a feeling...

GASP! I was right! Always trust your instincts, I always say... unless they are wrong. I almost forgot katiebird! But I'm having trouble loading her site, so will check back later, and then we'll be done! Maybe.

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