Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Congressional Districts Along La Frontera

The Democrats have added another seat to their list of Congressional Districts that span la frontera with our friends to the south. And yes, they are our friends, contrary to the rabid ravings of the Tom Tancredo-wing of the GOP (and Joe Biden).

Democratic former Rep. Ciro D. Rodriguez (news, bio, voting record) upset Republican Rep. Henry Bonilla (news, bio, voting record) in a House runoff election Tuesday in southwestern Texas’ 23rd District, pushing the Democrats’ net gain to 30 House seats and concluding Campaign 2006 with one final stunning come-from-behind victory for the new House majority party.

Rodriguez, who served in the House from 1997 to 2005 in an adjacent district, scored a surprisingly strong 55 percent of the vote with 97 percent of precincts reporting (results). Bonilla, who was seeking an eighth term, had 45 percent of the vote. Bonilla fell well short of the nearly 49 percent he received in the Nov. 7 “blanket primary” that set the matchup for Tuesday’s runoff.

So let's take a look at the chess board. I'll provide a link to their stances on the issues.
District 53 - Susan Davis (D)
District 51 - Bob Filner (D)

Baja Arizona:
District 7 - Raúl Grijalva (D)
District 8 - Gabrielle Giffords (D)

Nuevo Mexico:
District 2 - Steve Pearce (R)

District 16 - Silvestre Reyes (D)
District 23 - Ciro Rodriguez (D)
District 28 - Henry Cuellar (D)
District 15 - Rubén Hinojosa (D)
District 27 - Solomon Ortiz (D)
Hmmm. Maybe we are taking over. ¡Ja ja ja ja!

On a serious note - this should snap some reality into the foggy brains of legislators who live far, far away from the U.S./Mexico border who insist on passing initiatives that affect our way of life in a negative way.

There is an overwhelmingly strong mandate for comprehensive immigration reform with that list of candidates. So stop sending your gun-wielding troops and focus on the real culprit of the human rights disaster unfolding everyday in our deserts - economic elitism.

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