Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's a beautiful day in tha Eegeehood

The Sunday tour didn't quite happen - Blogger in its infinite "wisdom" changed the locks on the door and forgot to tell Nanette. I think it's the same "wisdom" involved with my blogging woes (that have thankfully come to an end). But enough about the bad times. A Sunday tour conducted mid-week might seem a bit unorthodox, but unorthodox times call for unorthodox measures. Let's see what's been going on in tha 'hood while Manny's been away:

Deano has some artwork up by the Overjoyed Ja'Ski Watkins.

Donna at Changing Places has all sorts of cool shizznit including a gangsta pooch with bling. As George Clinton would say: "Bow-wow-wow yippee-yo yippee-yay, Bow-wow yippee-yo yippee-yay". She also has some good thoughts for the day that are wise indeed.

Arcturus, DuctapeFatwa, Katiebird, Spiderleaf, Janet, Family Man, Supersoling, and Dove are in various stages of their respective blogging boycotts. Janet, Super, & Arcturus of course keep in touch in the comments of other blogs, but where are the rest of y'all.

Fortunately, Nezua has been a busy man, with all sorts of new stuff to read, including putting Mel Gibson's Apocalypto in its proper perspective. Speaking of perspective, Ford's dead but thankfully Mick's still alive (and so is Fidel). There's also a link to an artist's perspective on torture.

Duke at Migra Matters finds a rare example of the mass media getting something right.

XicanoPwr alerts us to a neo-Nazi problem, a Texas concentration camp, and a serious hunger problem. There's also some Xmas season levity, Cheech & Chong style.

Boran2 has some art work for y'all with the Painting Palooza Vol. 72, and over at Tribal Council, Gerald Ford is given his just reward.

At catnip's place, don't forget the usual Sunday food for thought, and some thought's on Junior Caligula's "weariness".

Over at Intrepid Liberal Journal, we have an account of Gerald Ford's mixed legacy.

Olivia once again provides us with a stunning display of photography. Check it out.

Nanette's site Human Beams seemed out of commission as of this writing. I imagine that is only temporary.

Oh yeah, what's been goin' on with me? Well, the new improved Original James is up and running, including a picture of Junior Caligula that I found on them thar internets. So is the new improved Jazzy James - including a new download by the late Ed Blackwell (What It Be Like?). I'm really liking the capability of putting tags on my posts (Blogger calls them "labels").

Hopefully I didn't leave out anyone. If so, y'all know where to find me. Peace out.

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