Wednesday, December 20, 2006

skippy gets a big 'ole monkeyfist

felicidades, skippy!
yes, the crew at skippy won a coveted first annual golden monkeyfister award! we, along with the great blogs of wtf is it now, scrutiny hooligans, corrente wire, rising hegemon, dependable renegade, blah3, dohiyi mir, suburban guerilla, first draft, one good move, excuse the mess, that was just my head (or "brain," depending on whether you want to get the title right or get the award), the sideshow, main and central, and two blogs we weren't aware of, today in iraq and cryptome, were singled out by monkeyfister for being...well, we're not sure, but we'll take the award, with tears in our eyes, and gratitude in our hearts.
go on over and congratulate them on this prestigious honor. i hear it's worth the equivalent of at least three donkey punches.

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